We're on for Saturday, May 27! (and Other Amusing Stuff)

This, in a way is our opening of our regular lot, so it's sort of a mini celebration of opening day, so come out and happy-dance your way around some cars! The weather will be spectacular! We're expecting somewhere between 300-400 cars so it should be a good time. It's easier to manage and see all the cars when they are together in the main lot. So, if you walk into center circle expecting to see cars, don't be broken-hearted, we're just over by BJs where we normally are each season. We know the new NSX will be there and there are some cool cars not yet seen are expected to show up from some private collections. We have a lot going on this season and every Saturday will be something special.

Amusing Stuff- Sort Of

We're also starting to get some trolls on our website in response to our blog. We find some entertainment value in it, but not a ton. It's a little like watching someone slip holding soup. We started out allowing anonymous posts, but when they started to spoof other names we switched to verification-required and that was like nailing their foot to the floor. We left a few posts up because we thought it would be good if people knew what we deal with sometimes.

What's so mystifying to us is, this is a free event! We make it up in volume. (old joke) What happens when they don't get the right juice box? I can't even imagine the tantrum! E@RTC costs them nothing! Yet, they make demands on us like Nick said, "They are yelling at there moms from the basement for more lasagna." We do have some sympathy because we couldn't possibly know their situation. It could be something no more complicated than they can't bring that special someone home to meet mom until the ankle monitor comes off. Maybe they ran out of prune juice. Or they could just be really unhappy people who need everyone else to be just as unhappy and miserable as they are. Who knows. It's what good therapists and pills are for...and a Happy Meal.

We'd love real feedback, the kind with a real name and email address and stuff. We always want to improve. Yet, we still have to deal with issues like this now and then, so we post about it. When we post something about someone trying to mischaracterize us and we fight back, we're doing so because we think it's our job to preserve the event; not get bogged down in drama, while still taking care of business. Imagine how quickly we'd collapse under our own weight if we never did anything to protect E@RTC, or refine our work and even defend it at times. Having a car event is one thing, sustaining it is another.

Some forget that E@RTC is all done with thoughtful, courageous, and occasionally handsome volunteers, (there are a few of us who look better under a hot towel). We couldn't do it without all of you wonderful people who take the time to participate, both as participants and spectators. We're all extremely grateful, humbled even, to have your trust, and that's our focus, living up to your expectations and not get too wrapped up in this stuff, especially when people hide their identities. Besides, it's usually a clue they are on the wrong side of an issue. Sure we have have the power to delete and block everyone from commenting on the site, but it's important for you to know these people are out there.

On the subject, we've long thought about how to best share what we've learned about building these events. So many think there isn't a lot that goes on to make this happen, but there is. What, you think Cirque du Soleil is just a bunch of people dancing and swinging around on meth? There is real work required to twist like that. It takes more than a car accident. They spend thousands of hours working to be that bendy so they can eat a grape off their own butts to music.

The number of car show failures is probably 100X the success stories. We'd love to see others out there be equal successful and we've spent the time sharing what we've learned to those who want to follow our unique recipe. We've even visited their events to offer tips. Most don't follow it, then flop, then blame the audience of all things, which is again like blaming mom when you live in the basement.

The point is, the trolls try to rile us up when we're doing our job, but all they do is give us some behind the scenes entertainment. We know who they are, we don't want to say how we know, but we know, even when they post with a different name. :) Yup, we know.

Diver Dave came across this great article that we thought we'd share with you that's worth passing along to others. It's about car show etiquette and it's called How Not To Be A Jerk: The 10 Commandments of Car Show Etiquette. We're going to add it to our site somewhere. We have remarkably few problems, but once in a while, like our blog, we get a true narcissist who makes everyone's life miserable and it's our job to keep them from ruining a great thing. See you all Saturday!