Oh-Oh! Someone Stepped in It!

We all know the term. That and check your shoe, something stinks. Well, someone did just that. Except they may not be smart enough to know it yet and they are tracking it all over their house.

One of the most important things we do as volunteers is work to preserve our brand. We spend far more hours on our brand than what you see us do on the days of our event. That work goes on year-around. This means pulling all the elements that work together to create a specific image in your head when you think of us. Hopefully it's positive stuff and not something you see a therapist about that requires pills. Having a strong brand is in part what causes the right elements to come together to make our event so special, week after week. If we screw up our brand, the event could go away, so we're meticulous about it, maniacal even! Little things, such as how we write on this site is all done with both fun and purpose in mind. (I know that's hard to believe.)

It was brought to our attention through a call on the super-secret red phone that someone out there decided to make a name for themselves by creating a Facebook name close enough to ours that it rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, like sand in the massage oil. When our fans alert us to bad stuff, they tend to be right and we sure listen up. 

These self-absorbed and whimsically short-sighted individuals who piggyback off our brand don't think or even care about what we built for you or the thousands of hours of volunteer time to make a great community event. Instead, they selfishly want to tear off a piece of our brand to make it about them. We know it happens with every great brand- someone comes along to try and create just enough Web or Facebook search confusion for their own personal gain. There are hundreds of millions spent on lawyers every year in such matters and the defenders of these brands most often win.

"Brand-bumming" (a term we coined ourselves) creates parasitic drag on everything we do at the ultimate expense of you in the car community. Now we have to spend even more of our own money to protect our brand, dollars and time that could be spent on improving the event for the benefit of everyone. The point is, this doesn't just hurt us as an organization, it hurts you too.

We've kindly asked this individual to change their page name, sort of as the first question on the intelligence test. We'll see if they pass or not so stay tuned for those results.