British Car Day & Moving Your Car When the Event Ends!

Pick Up Your Toys!

Do you remember when your mom would tell you to pick up your toys and you wouldn't do it? She'd tell you in her sweet voice five or six times before she'd run over to the local large equipment rental shop and come back with a giant Caterpillar CCS9 Combination Asphalt Compactor and neatly lay out all your toys in the driveway, including that Gilbert chemistry set with the 106 deadliest chemicals known to man, "Breaking Bad in a Box" then spend her one hour rental time with a cigar hanging out the corner of her mouth flattening your toys into tiny slivers then sprinkle them on your bed with a snow shovel. Remember? That wasn't very nice of mom, but she only had to do that three times before we got the message. We grew up learning to pick up our toys!

We're all grown up now and when 11:00 AM hits at Redmond Town Center, we too have to pick up our toys and if we don't they will do the same thing our moms did. Only this time RTC will send the roller equipment rental charge back to you, along with your Lamborghini in six beautifully wrapped boxes from RTC. All of this can easily be avoided if you simply move your car into a parking stall somewhere at the mall like everyone else. I know I'd hate come home to a bed covered in pulverized Lamborghini dust, especially if it wasn't my car.

Simple rule, when the event ends, move your car into a nice stall so shoppers don't think you're extra special. They much appreciate it.

(You don't want to know what mom did if we didn't pick up our clothes.)

British Car Day

We had another marvelous turnout on British Car Day and some astounding cars were there in center court. We had everything from three wheel Morgans to some nice McLarens. The weather was perfect and we were again close to full. It was a perfect day at E@RTC!

Once again, the British car owners were extremely polite and gracious. They are the easiest group to manage and make it a joy for the volunteers to get situated with a minimum of hassles. As always, thanks to our stupendous volunteers who make it all happen and the amazing spectators who always have our back. We can't thank you enough!

Let Me In!

As usual, we had a couple of people come to the entrance to make the case of why their car was exotic and should get in after we turned them down. Again, for the one-thousand-six-hundred and twentieth time, ask us BEFORE you arrive because we don't want to turn you down any more than you want to be turned down. Here is a hint, if you have to make the case that your car is exotic enough, it's probably not exotic enough. Don't make it bad for both of us. It gives us flashbacks to those awful blind dates we had to squirm through. I once went on a blind date with someone who looked like Uncle Fester and I'm a dude. Never again!

If you have to tell us the story about what makes your car rare and special and it's not obvious to us, it's probably not going to get in. Don't then park, act like you're being nice and friendly then come over and argue with us about it with a smile on your face. It should be obvious. As usual, the argument then turns to, "well that POS got in..." which is never going to go well. Sean, our greeter knows a thing or two about cars and is one of the nicest people you'd ever meet, so don't ruin his day. Just email us, we always get back to you the same day and we're nice guys. We just want the best show possible without getting overrun with cars our spectators don't want to see.