We are On for May 20th, British Car Day! See You Chaps Then!

Well it looks like very old Mrs. Nature is going to let us have a play day on Saturday. We have our traditions ya know.

We love seeing these cars, the variety, the complexity, the occasional screwdriver, and all things British. Some of the most memorable cars to ever come to E@RTC are a part of this group so this is an event you don't want to miss. Besides, nine guys ruptured their spleens making this day perfect and we wish them a speedy recovery.

This is a chance to try on your best fake British accent and go out for some bangers and mash after E@RTC. BTW, there is a very good British restaurant right there in Redmond if you want the same thing inside you as you have on the outside. I'm not sure that came out right, but you know what I meant.

Before you get toooo spoiled, these event days are special occasions and not our normal parking lot. We use the center circle of the mall for our special events, and our normal Saturdays are in the large lots between BJs and Ducati. Assuming it's a nice day on the 27th as well, we will go back to our normal routine.

It's been a very unusual kickoff to our season, not because of the rain but because this will be the only two times in our history were our first two days happened to be event days and we haven't seen Nick in a silly suit yet, but oh, it's coming so protect your eyes, it's going to be bright! Go Nick, go Nick, go Nick!