The Peanut Gallery

We love the fact that so many people are actively coming to our website. It gives us chills, but that could be the broken thermostat, or the onset of the flu, possibly hoof and mouth...

Anyhow, with all this great traffic comes a lot of criticism in two key areas, one is about getting their car in the show, and the other is about all the weather forecasters in our beloved car community.

First, lets talk about the easy one; the weather. We're not the National Weather Service. None of us have degrees in meteorology and I think it's safe to say that we don't even own thermometers. Most of us were traumatized by those damn things as kids, so we ban them in our houses. We rely on others who know a lot more than we do to tell us what's up. They have all the cool gear and we just have our thumbs. If they say it's a 30% chance of rain or higher, we just go with it and cancel. There is no point in arguing with us and we'd be happy to put you in touch with them if you think you can do a better job. We go with 30% because there is a 70% chance they are right, and we're 50/50 on that 70% so far.

The other time-burner is with regard to "exotics." This isn't Burger King, where they are not king, or Camping World, where they are not camping or a world, or Pizza Hut where there is no hut in sight, or Target where you're not allowed to shoot anything. We're Exotics at Redmond Town Center and we kind of mean it. The only tricky part is where and what that is. We write extensively about it on our FAQ page. We have no intention of becoming a "Cars and Coffee" because those events are not sustainable simply because while they draw some cool cars, they also draw some of the worst behavior. They always get shut down because of some self-absorbed, narcissistic, attention-seeking moron who ruins it for everyone. We don't want that to ever happen so we stand for something and our participants let us know it when they think we lowered the bar too much, so there is that too.  We're happy to help you figure out if your car should be at E@RTC, so write us if something is unclear. 

We want you to just come in and enjoy the show. Make some friends, have some laughs and good conversation. All that said, you could save us a ton of volunteer time if you didn't argue with us about the weather or getting in. We'd rather put those hours to better use.