E@RTC Sets a New Attendance Record!

First off, we'd like to begin with a giant thank you to everyone who participated and volunteered in our opening day! We couldn't do this without your incredible support! We'd also like to thank our amazing volunteers who managed that many cars with just thirteen people. Notice the snazzy shirts?

And now for the numbers. We did our first count at 9:30 AM with a total of exactly 470 cars. We double check our numbers in each section, but cars were still coming in the main entrance and we'd yet to add some additional cars by Cold Stone. We also had cars still coming into the Center Circle area. By 10 AM we knew we were slightly over 500 cars and had to soft close the entrance and we turned away at least 50+ cars!

As for spectators, we normally estimate three people to every car, but we guessed it was closer to six based on headcount by section. Therefore we estimate around 3,000 people. We could especially tell when it was time to leave and traffic around Redmond was backed up in all directions like they were fleeing a Justin Bieber flash concert.

What do we mean "soft close," is it made out of special foam? Is it fairy dust of some kind?

No, Exotics at Redmond Town Center is like the name says, Exotics. We therefore limit our cars that fall into the broadest sense of the term so we have room for those truly exotic and rare cars that sometimes have issues starting, or transporting due to age, etc., or are limited by route. Consequently, once we're close to full we can't take any more of the cars people are not as excited about seeing, and focus on those who our spectators love the most. There is no point in arguing with us about your car because YOU think it's somehow more special. Just park in the spectator lot like all of us and just come in and enjoy the cars.

And now a word about gripes. Yup, Gripes. Gripes I tell you!

Every E@RTC, we get gripes about something from someone. I'd guess that 74.63%, and we never measured exactly, have to do with who has a "right" to get in and who doesn't. Keep in mind this isn't practice for the Pearly Gates, there is no place to argue your case and nothing bad happens if you don't get in. Still, there is always some judgmental ______________ (I left enough space so you can fill in the blank) who somehow thinks their car is better than everyone else and they should get in or someone else shouldn't. It's annoying. They argue that their car cost more, or that or theirs is faster, or (we try not to laugh when they say it) but they have better exhaust and brakes, which we absolutely don't care about. Nobody cares.

In our ninth season, we've never ever once had someone show up and excitedly ask us if they see the ________________ with the carbon-ceramic brakes! That only happens on shows like the Smurfs.

Please, do our volunteers a giant favor and knock off the politics; if you don't get in, trust their better judgement and just enjoy the show. Don't make it all about YOU. Before you complain about anything, ask what you are doing to help us make a great event. Pitch in! Do something other than gripe! Don't be a _________________________________ .(I left a much longer space to unleash your insult creativity.) Help us make a better show.