Our Next Possible Opening Day

We had fun with our April Fools prank. It looked like some people were ready to come over and burn down our houses for not letting them know we were on that day. I think what we loved the most was the number of people who are regulars who get our sense of humor who helped drive the joke much further than we could on our own. We bow to you all. Thanks to each of you! What a great car community!

For those of you who were fooled after reading our blog, we need to talk. Come on! The touring dead bodies of Enzo Ferrari and Ferruccio Lamborghini posing with Ronald McDonald didn't give you a clue? Really??? Little Sisters of the Turbo Encabulation didn't ring even a tiny little bell in your head? Not even a faint ding? No?

Okay, so here is what's up, and this is for real, the weather isn't looking great for April 8, but we won't call it until after 3 PM on Thursday. Still, we always get some kid who wants to argue with us about our calling it that soon. Even if it's 100% chance of rain and there is 100% chance they will be right, we're still not officially calling it until Thursday afternoon. You can then blame NOAA and the National Weather Service if they get it wrong, not us. None of us are standing on our roofs with our thumbs out. We all have jobs and stuff.

This is the important part... we will be off on the 15th no matter what because Redmond Town Center is hosting their Easter "eggstravangza". They need our parking lot for a bounce house. I lived in one in college. I didn't need furniture. I repeat, there will be NO E@RTC ON APRIL 15. Besides, some of us need to bury our accountants.

They will even have a bunny petting zoo. Can you imagine if Australia had a petting zoo? With all the deadly stuff they have down there, nobody would survive, so consider yourself really lucky. Show up with your kids! Find some eggs!