We are ON! You read that correctly, O-N! Yup, completely ON!

Exotics at Redmond Town Center is finally having our spectacular Opening Day, Saturday, April 29! Only this time it’s for real!


We also have a GIANT surprise. Two of the most coveted cars in the world will be seen together for the very first time in North America. As far as we know they have never been photographed together in the US, so just getting your photos on social media could make you very popular! Just think of the parties!


Did you just tear up a little reading this? I know I did just trying to write the news. I could barely get through it!

(If you guess what it is, you could win a ticket to Fresno. Second prize is two tickets!)

It's not expected to rain until after we're done for the day, so we’re diving on Opening Day like a Parking Thug on a pizza!

One other thing- For those of you showing your special car, please wash it and have it show ready. We do turn away cars that are not cleaned up for the show. We don't mind if you roll in extremely early and do some last minute clean-up nearby, but please, this is a special event and people came a long way to see these amazing cars so make it worth it for them to be there!

Speaking of which, the Parking Thugs will all be in nice new shirts; a nice bright green making them easy to spot and all our moms very proud. All our Thugs have cleaned themselves up, had their shots, carefully studied ballet, and are ready to greet you with open arms and a magical place to slide in and park that cool car.