Rained out AGAIN! We hope to see you April 29!

Mom Nature said, "Not this Saturday children, I have some watering to do," so we're all screwed. We will try again on the 29th. We do have a big surprise in store as we get closer to that day. You will be pleased. At least most of you will be. There is always that one guy who preferred a pony.

And now a word for our Sponsors!

Please come and shop at Redmond Town Center whenever possible! RTC does a lot for us and we are always grateful for their terrific support. We also picked up sponsorship from Ferrari of Seattle and Bentley, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce of Bellevue. That money just covers the cost of our shirts for the season, the ones that try not to make us look fat, which are surprisingly expensive.

Those shirts are important to us because it makes it a lot easier for us to see each other and get cars in the entrance and parked, especially on those days when over four-hundred of you show up and we're running around like tots on a jungle gym trying to get everyone in the right place. The shirts also make us look snappy, like we're a real thing, like we know what we're doing. It's our attempt at beautifying the thugs. We know we could scare paint into a different shade, so this is our attempt to fix things.

This year we have Ducati of Redmond in the old space once occupied by Borders and we welcome them. They are nice people, so when you're done looking at cars, go buy another bike! We will do our best to be the perfect neighbor. We're glad you're here! 

Also new this year, the Original Pancake House will be opening at RTC sometime soon. I don't know what's exactly, "original" given there are so many of these places, but we'll go with it. It's probably a bit like First Savings Bank of which there are probably thousands. Trust me, the toasted coconut pancakes are worthy of public embarrassment. They are that good! We hit the one here in Kirkland rather often and if we're standing sideways you can tell. They will open at 6 AM so this will become popular for us early Saturday morning folk who are too excited to sleep or were home early tweezing the night before. I can never finish the mountain of food they serve up and they suggested I order the senior plate next time. Ouch! Really, Ouch! 

Sorry to put our opening off another week. We know it sucks. We're just as eager to get the season started, but this is Washington. We still love it here 51% of the time.