Wow! Our Biggest Opening Day Ever! (Our Best April Fools Prank to Date)

Wow what a day it was!  We had well over 500 cars show up and easily 2,000 spectators. We can't thank Starbucks enough for finally stepping up for the first time in our nine years! It was about time you actually cared after all we've done for you. That was the biggest surprise of them all.

We'd like to thank Pagani for bringing not one but two Huayras! The new Koenigsegg Regera was breathtaking. We'd also like to thank the Italian government for the touring bodies of Enzo Ferrari and Ferruccio Lamborghini. We're all amazed by how well preserved they looked.

There was only one person who got out of hand and we got to see a taser work in mildly wet conditions. We had no idea they sparked that much and it was kind of cool. We will be talking about this day forever!

Thanks Anthony for the free concert. It was great to see you live. I can't believe we had that many people and the Navy Seals parachuting in was a real highlight given the low clouds and the lack of places to land. I had no idea a Prius roof would cave in like that, but still, it was cool.

I had no idea there were that many nuns in Redmond or that the little Sisters of the Turbo Encapulation could bake that many cookies! They monkey-stomped the Girl Scouts in one morning. Ronald McDonald was there too and that wasn't at all as creepy as we were expecting. It was fun seeing the photos taken of Ronald laying next to both Enzo and Ferruccio. It was like they were all napping except a little wrinkly, we have to admit.

What an opener!