We've Been Invited to Prom!

Well, not really, but that's what it feels like. I'll explain.

Every year we get pitched by local businesses who want to "partner" with us in some way. We never do it. Years ago, we fired up a campfire on the top of Rainier where we could casually clear our minds as we roasted marshmallows over a giant fire and told humorous limericks from our youth. We discussed the whole idea of sponsorship for the event and decided that the less we did, the better.

We take on just enough sponsors to pay for the basics and even then we shore up the difference out of our own pockets. We do this in the spirit of E@RTC. Outside of that, unless we think it makes for a greater show, we don't do it.

E@RTC is meant to be a community event. Our entire goal is to make people as happy and cheerful as Mr. Rogers did when you were staying home from work and watching him in your jammies with your feet wrapped around a gallon of ice cream. We decided that heavy sponsorships and "partnerships" would probably not allow us to remain the community event we are today, so we avoid it like a toothless date for corn on the cob.

It's perfectly okay to bring cars, but we don't allow signs or hanging out leaflets or samples or anything like that, and besides, it's also a rule at RTC. We don't allow window stickers, or anything that makes the event look like people are there to promote their business. Now if the M&M truck shows up handing out one pound bags of peanut M&Ms, screw it. They are getting in. We're otherwise going to pass.

What you can do is get involved. Volunteer! Give back to the car community. That's why we're there. We don't make this about us. This is all about having fun in the first place. Even if we do get those occasional anonymous emails from self-absorbed, narcissists, if not complete sociopaths, who want to make this all about them by calling us names because we don't do what they want. (We simply call them diaper babies... shhhhh!)

It's perfectly fine to do an open house after E@RTC as a destination and post something on our Facebook page as we do love helping the car community, but that's about as far as we go. We're deeply flattered that you'd love to partner with us and we hope you understand.