Oh Schnikes! We're rained out for our opening day!

Seriously, we really are. Only tell people we're there if you want to play an April Fools joke, otherwise there will be nobody there to laugh and point. We're sorry but we've seen this all before... we get all excited, dissemble our cars, scrub every part with a tooth brush, then put the thing back together and hope to God it never rains again. Well, we're thinking of all of you when we cancel due to rain. (We're nice that way.)

This also marks the first official day off for the Thugs, something they don't get once we roll into the real summer months...er weeks...er days. Let's hope it's a great summer and by fall you're all sick of us for another year. Until then, let's hope for great weather next week!

So, how did we call it? We read the post that the National Weather Service puts out on the Thursday after 3:00 PM. If they say rain, and it's 30% or above, it's a no-go.  It's that simple.  We hope to see you all on the 8th... unless it rains again, then I have to write something clever all over again. Pray for me.