Where's my Quiche???

One of the things people ask is where we all go after E@RTC, and if there was a destination restaurant. The simple answer is no. Nope! Nada. We have a bunch of challenges when we decide to have E@RTC go someplace for food. We're like locusts. Few restaurants can manage large groups without lots of advanced planning. Many restauranteurs develop a nervous tick over one eye when you suggest a table of more than eight people. We've tried to call ahead at some places and they freak out.

Here are the challenges from their point of view. First, they can't maintain the flow in the kitchen and consequently people end up waiting a long time to get served. It's like the internet, cramming too much data in the pipe. The more you cram, the slower it gets. Kitchens are no different. When it gets too slow, people get grumpy and start throwing stuff.

Then you have the issue of separate checks. In a normal four-top environment, most wait staff have to deal with one or two checks. When you have eight, they are stuck standing by the service station sorting out who wanted the extra cheese and what they look like. They freak if it's twenty separate checks. More nervous ticks.

Sure, we could go to a casino and suck down the buffet like cattle, but have you been to the casino buffets around here? They are liked dressed up prison food. Not that I've actually tried prison food, but I did watch Orange is the New Black and it seems strangely familiar.

Then we have the issue of parking cars and that by itself is a challenge. Some places we even end up dealing with some drunk standing on a hood. So what if it's her own car. We thought about doing a private dining room somewhere, but that's expensive and we can't rely on people to be there on time. Burger places have an easier time handling us. The irony, cattle eating cattle.

We've thought of places that could manage large groups, deal with parking, etc., but again, it goes back to planning. If we could find a place that could work for both sides, we'd be there. We have found some good places that can manage small groups, but we keep it quiet so they don't turn into large groups and kill it for everyone. We recommend groups no larger than eight people when you do go somewhere and that you be nice to the staff. After all you're still reprentin'.

We did Salish, the food is good, but Nick getting dragged out the window of an LFA like a whale giving birth by a local cop having a bad day still haunts us at night. Again, you have to make advanced reservations and it's a serious challenge. We're always welcome to ideas. We'd love to have a place where we could meet. Standing around at Dick's doesn't cut it.

Pizza is a lot easier unless everyone happens to order an individual pizza. Then there is parking issues. Most can't handle large groups of cars. We'd love to find someplace that can manage us, but so far, we've not had great luck.

If you come across something, please let us know. We're always hungry.