Oh, Just You Wait!

One of the things we didn't have on our old website was a blog that was easy to manage. Here we can write to you in real time. We will write stuff that's going on, tell you the latest about E@RTC and do a better job of keeping you informed. You can also comment back which is helpful and where we love feedback.

Some of what's gone on since the fall: We started to form a better relationship with America's Car Museum in Tacoma after they reached out to us last summer. We were never on their radar prior to that first meeting and they were not on ours. We were just doing our own thing. They asked for our help and our goal is to support the greater car community. From that meeting, we kicked around some ideas to help the museum and we want them to bring cars from the collection when possible. You can imagine the logistics issues involved in that.

We also met with the Classic Car Club a few times to get them more involved in E@RTC. Those cars are amazing and are a popular when they come out. A few of us joined the Classic Car Club and will be seeing them more often. We're looking forward to that.

We had a long event planning meeting to nail down who what and where. This wasn't easy to figure out because there are so many considerations. We have to wade through other show conflicts, work around Monterey and RTCs own schedule of events. We got it sorted out and we have our events nailed down in record time. This isn't all we have going on. We're working on drawing some specific cars on various days so you always see something unique and special.

We're now at a size where we have to divide and conquer with our volunteers. We need more behind the scenes help as well as more Thugs for our 2017 season who actively engage with the participants who show up. We're working on that now, not to mention nailing down a new look for the Thugs.

We think we have something really special here in the Northwest and a show that rivals the best weekly gatherings in the nation. We want to keep it special and especially fun so you feel like that morning was well worth the cost of a yard pass to attend.

We'll keep writing, keeping you more up to date. It's not practical to write this stuff on Facebook and while Facebook serves some purpose, this is where you're going to find out the inside scoop.  We will be writing more about our volunteers and who does what. They should get the credit they deserve. Keep in mind, we try not to make this thing about us. It's always about the participants and spectators and we can't thank you enough for your contribution to our success.