What to Expect on Opening Day!

Every year, our opening day is one of the biggest events of our season. This is the day when some of us drive out of our caves after a long winter of hibernation having eaten nothing but cocktail weenies all winter. Some pull the dusty car cover off of the gems that have been hiding for the past six months. Some also find that nasty half a ham sandwich still left on the seat from November and now need a whole new interior. Off come the battery tenders, in goes the air in the tires, on goes the Show Shine, (whoops that's for horses, sorry wrong stuff...) on goes the Griots (not on the horse please) and you're ready to show up!

The kickoff is always weather-dependent, meaning the chance of rain has to be 30% or less in Redmond, and if we see conflicts from various weather sources, and it still averages 30% we will call it off. We sometimes wonder how the weather sources can be so wrong when they have all this really cool gear to play with. Which of us has our own Doppler radar? Hmmm? Yes, Albrecht, Filton, Burke and all the others who hide in your little weather cave, we read your stuff. You'd think with all the latest technology that by now you'd be at least 80% correct 100% of the time. It seems like when they tell us 30%, there is only a 10% chance they have the 30% right and even then that 10% chance is right only 50% of the time.

Now we ALL know this is April Fool's Day and we fully expect some of you youngsters to attempt to fool us into thinking your Prius is somehow exotic enough, like we've never ever heard that one before. Unless it was shot over a canyon and survived on all four wheels, and you have the video with all the screaming to prove it, it's still not going to make the grade. Please see our Frequently Asked FAQs that are asked most frequently about what is and isn't exotic and if you have questions just shoot us a note ahead of time. Anything that either looks like a unicorn or is painted with a unicorn on the side will be given special parking in Lot 9. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Lot 9, it's located in Moclips, Washington, near the corner of Forwood Avenue and Northern Way.

This is always a glorious day, with hugs, high-fives, fist bumps, palm slaps, a middle finger here or there from that, somewhat "less-than-significant" other who was left at home...as old friends come to see each other for the first time since we ended Season 8 last fall. It's like the glorious day you moved out of your parent's basement. Unless they kicked you out, then that day kind of sucked because then it meant staying on Grandma's couch where she does nothing but cry watching Ellen or talk about corn.

We want our opening day to be so big and fantastic, you tell your grand kids about it and someone someday makes a movie about that special day. They don't make just any movie, but one that sweeps the Academy Awards and stars good looking people who haven't even been born yet.

Opening day is always special for us and we deeply appreciate you all showing up. It always brings some amazing stuff we've never seen before and helps us set the high standards for the entire season. This is also one of our biggest spectator days where we see a lot of new faces that become a regular part of our season. Some of you come a very long way both as spectator and participant and we can't thank you enough. We're excited about this new season because we're better organized than ever before with even more prep work for the new season, thanks to our extremely handsome and talented volunteers, especially the guy who writes this stuff who's a real beaut.

Thanks again for being a part of E@RTC and we'll see you on April 1...unless it rains... then read this all over again...

See you opening day!