Please Shop At Redmond Town Center This Christmas! The Elves Need The Money

If you want to give us all a great Christmas present, just go to Redmond Town Center and do some Christmas shopping. We're not asking that you sit on Santa's lap or cause a scene with an elf, but we would be happy if you went in, bought something and thanked them for supporting E@RTC. It would go a long way. It's not like we're asking you for a kidney.

We can't do this without a terrific location and we are deeply appreciative of all the folks at RTC and Jessica who we pointed out before puts up with us a like a nun in an orphanage who wishes someone would just adopt one of us. She's awesome! That's an overused word, so I'll make one up. She's awsabulous. (I better check to make sure it doesn't mean something bad... Nope, we're good.)

As you probably read, malls are having a tougher time making it these days because so many prefer to shop online. Still, RTC has restaurants, things going on, food! Stuff, experiences, theaters, things that are perfect for date night without getting mugged. There are even hotels if date night goes especially great and police nearby if it doesn't. Tip, it's a bad sign if you're on a date and a helicopter circles.

The point is, go to Redmond Town Center. Even if it's the middle of the night. Say hi to security without scaring the crap out of them. Just go there, spend money. Buy socks. You need them. One of you needs a breath mint. You know who you are.

We'll start putting up the calendar dates sometime in the next two weeks.