The Calendar Is Starting to Go Up

We've started to put a few dates on the calendar and the one that's still missing is Classics and Muscle Cars. We're shooting for September 8 on that one, but it means checking with a few people who were not at the meeting. If you're particularly astute, you will notice that the event names have all been changed from brands to countries of origin. Because of the mall calendar and because of our own logistics around bad weather, we're reducing the number of special event days to four, not including opening day. So, German, Italian, British, and Classic and Muscle cars as one event.

The problem is that our special events have always been woven through RTCs event calendar so if we were rained out, it meant that we had to find a date that coincided with an open date for center square and that gets complicated. This is why we pin our calendar so early and so you can start working on your yard pass. We will fill in details as we get into our new season.

You only have a week to get your Christmas shopping done so go to RTC! Buy a guitar. Oh look, Hot Yoga! We'll send the fat guys in Speedos and show them what a strained ham and eggs really looks like.