I'm So Shocked!

Rule number one in marketing, is that you never try and please everyone. It's a recipe for failure. That, and some people's actual cooking. I won't name names but love them anyway. They need directions just to boil water without burning it, but I digress.

From our very first E@RTC, what we all loved most on a Saturday morning, wasn't just the great cars, it was the interaction with everyone and the stuff we all laughed about. We'd go home giggling about the morning and we always wanted to preserve that unique magic. It's never just about cars, it's about our own brand of fun and people leaving knowing it was a morning well spent, and sometimes worth loaning out a body part for a yard pass.

The thing we hear most about our site is not necessarily what we write, but our attitude about keeping our fun front and center even when we're talking about rules. let's face it, nobody likes to read about rules, or that long document you have to read and check the box before the software downloads. (It's called a EULA by the way, which stands for end user license agreement, and not that thing dangling in the back of your throat which is a uvula which is not that thing...never mind.)

Yet, in looking at our traffic, people read our rules because, well, they are just kind of fun to read and with any luck make you laugh just a little. If they don't make you laugh you may need a humorlesstorectomy. It's more painful than it sounds. I knew a nun who had one that didn't take. Wow could she snap a ruler.

From time to time, we get someone who's a bit "shocked" by our sensibilities but we have no plans to change how we write because we get a lot more email from those who love it than those who hate it. Besides, if we laugh, well, that seems to help keep the event glued together.

E@RTC, as long as we're all involved will be about having fun, front and center. If someone has their undies in a bunch over something we say here, then we guess you need pills. Lots of pills and we'd suggest unbunching those undies to avoid a rash.

The very core of any car community is people who like to play like kids. That's the magic so we will always write with fun in mind and go after sacred cows. It's an expression. No, we're not talking about someone or even something you dated, we're taking about the kind that get offered up to the gods when stuff won't grow. No, not a Burger King Whopper. We're talking about the whole thing, udders and all. Am I digging a hole?

We hope you get out and enjoy the Nutcracker this season. No, we don't mean the one off a diving board.