Some Of Our Unusual Email

We received a lot of emails (apparently 'email' in the singular form is incorrect) this past season and some of the themes stick out. Of course, we get a lot of spam and most of it is about people who claim to be able to increase our sales, improve our internet score and our manhood, reduce that rash, and just about everything else except world peas. Yeah, peas.

We get a lot of commercialization requests, something we don't want to do. Everyone wants to make a buck off us and some are a bit sneaky about it. Others just ask us. In our early days, we supported a lot of entrepreneurs who were in the automobile-related business who came out to E@RTC, but it became an issue so we thought it best if we just became a bit more like Switzerland without grumpy uptight dudes making watches in little chalets. Our objective is to remain as neutral as possible so we don't end up in the middle of a fist fight over window tinting.

We want all auto-related services to do well. Why wouldn't we? We just don't want you to have to be pitched all the time and especially at E@RTC. Instead, we want the event to be about the love of cars and not the love of making money around cars. We don't allow 'for sale' signs on anything either, not just because of a mall policy, but because it would get tacky real fast. This should be a celebration about our mutual love of cars.

Most of the email is about stuff that can be found on our site rather easily. Still, we answer politely. We get a lot that's about car qualifications and we answer immediately, at least most of us do. We're going to improve that too.

We're already working on our next season. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes activities related to what we're going to do in our upcoming season, things we'd like to change and it's all about what we can do to make this all even better than 2017. While I don't get to write as much as during our season, it's not because we're kicking back. Far from it. We're still gathering input before our next thug meeting and in the meantime, we wish you all a great Thanksgiving. We're still going to keep writing. That's not going to stop. One can only tweeze so much.