We Got Our First Noise Complaint...EVER!

We knew it was going to happen. Sooner or later, someone would complain about something that may have nothing to do with us and can't at all be substantiated, proven, or quantified with anything we can do anything about. This was a first for us after nine years. Someone complained about noise outside of the event, enough to write a letter to the mayor. The MAYOR! I expected a little fat guy with a long staff and a fat mayorial collar with lots of gold and curly shoes to come over with a rolled up proclamation.

Was the complaint from someone at RTC? Nope. Someone from Microsoft next door? Nope. Someone's grandmother who's pissed off about selling her Buick? Nope. It was some unhappy dude who was over at the Saturday market who thought the cars leaving the event were just too loud. The noise ruins the peaches.

Maybe it's just me, but it's probably the sound of people having fun. FUN! Oh, my gosh! FUN! We can't have that in Redmond.

No matter what, someone is always out to make it about them, and ruin it for everyone else in the name of, "community." I picture the Reverend Saw Moore from Footloose who says them damn kids can't dance. The world is filled with unhappy people who have nothing better to do who want to spread their misery everywhere with no regard or concern for those who enjoy and participate in E@RTC. I feel kind of sorry for them, that this is the best use of their time. Doesn't Redmond have bigger problems? Besides, the music is on our side. (Footloose lingo)

What he probably doesn't understand or contemplate is that many at the market come over from E@RTC on a nice Saturday morning. We're a huge part of their revenues. They get a direct monetary benefit from us. This guy didn't work for the market, he just was there to complain about something. As if that busy intersection is ever quiet at that time of day on a Saturday.

From my own research, he's also relatively new to the neighborhood and I'm guessing just an unhappy guy looking for something to do. I have no idea if he's a mime or not. I am suspicious. Damn mimes.

It is important to remember that not everyone is happy in the world and so we have to always be courteous, etc., even to people like this who aren't respectful to us in return. He never took the time to contact any of us. Nope, he thought his best shot was straight to the mayor. The MAYOR!