It's Our Final Saturday For 2017

Well, this sucks! It's our last Saturday, which is looking good so please come out! We hate to end, but our start and end dates come from experience and a lot of crying. Don't come running to us with tears in your eyes if you miss this one.

Our photographers did a stupendous job this season and it's worth checking out their stuff. They were about a third of our traffic on this site all season. So was the blog! So thank you for that. We will remain active on the blog straight through spring. I promise we have more stuff to share. Recipes, tweezing tips, manscaping without a lot of blood, AND some car stuff.

As we said before, we will be doing some meet-and-greet events on Saturday mornings down at America's Car Museum so stay tuned for that bit of tomfoolery. We've yet to decide how to make a gathering down there, and what it should look like, but we're working on it; pondering the possibilities so everyone goes home happy. Basically, we want to make sure it will work.

Earlier in the season, we wrote about the challenges of meeting up at a restaurant on a Saturday morning. The places all end up hating us because of our size and it's never a great experience and few have fun. The chefs spit at the very sound of our cars as if we we're locusts, there to eat the leaves off the trees. Okay, some are, I admit it, but not all of us. We then quietly stroll in and eventually end up looking like a high mountain plane crash reunion where everyone stares at their plate in silence remembering who they once ate, too nervous to ask for jam.

We want to start something more festive, engaging, worthy of dragging your likely hairy ass from here to Tacoma on a rainy Saturday morning... on purpose and actually stop there. It's safe to assume NOBODY who reads this lives in Tacoma already. Trivia; everyone who ever moved to Fresno likely came from Tacoma, and you know what we think of Fresno. We shouldn't disrespect Tacoma. There are some nice homes there. The ones without the bullet holes. Okay, I'll shut up now.

We want that first gathering at the museum to be fun or nobody will come back. We don't want you to curse the event and spit, so we're giving it a lot of thought so it exceeds your expectations. Our goal is to have a great time, talk cars, tell stories, show battle scars, bite marks, and missing teeth. Okay, maybe not. That's more Granite-Falls-on-a-Friday-night kind of gathering... ours will be more along the lines of a fun Saturday party worthy of that sore jaw to gain your yard pass.

Yes, we've already ruled out a glittered Nick on a stripper pole. That got a unanimous no vote. Including a no from the pole itself. Vic surprisingly got a few votes. Wha'd I miss?

Hope to see you Saturday if the weather is decent.