Threading The Needle...To The Point Where We're Rained Out!

We've been curfubulated about Saturday's weather. (There is no such word, but you mysteriously know what it means, right?) I'll make an attempt at our definition below.*

We've been watching the weather and we decided that we're OFF. (Didn't mean to yell, but that was for the back row that will show up anyway.) The rains end too late that morning and won't dry out in time, then start again too soon and the streets will all be wet. This assumes the weather folks are right and they never have it pinned down that closely so it's a needle we can't thread. 

This is one of the tough ones to call and we get a few of those each season. If we are on next Saturday, I hate to break the news to you in this way, but it will be our last for the season. Because it it will be our last, and we've had two weeks off, we will call it our E@RTC encore. How's that?

We don't plan to run into late October. It gets too cold in the morning, too dark and mysterious, and it doesn't have the same festive feel of a small town block party. Besides, we don't want anyone standing around grumpy and hypothermic at at same time. It's a dangerous combination. Like Jarts at a family reunion. It's also too close to hibernation for some, while others will simply stop tweezing for the year. We know a few of you will get back to crafts; scrap booking, turning gum wrappers into tiny little chains or glittering the shit out of everything not nailed down. (Nick)

Before the season officially ends, we want to thank our sponsors this season one more time. Please do us a favor and thank Ferrari, Maseratti Alfa Romeo of Seattle, as well as Lamborghini, RR, Bentley of Bellevue and especially Redmond Town Center. Especially Redmond Town Center! If you can't go there in person, please stand up and clap in their general direction.

Thank you Jessica for putting up with us, and all your time and energy from everyone at RTC. We couldn't do this without your help.

Please shop there this Christmas!!! Everything you need is right there! If it's not there you probably don't really need it. They ask so little of us so it's the least we could do for hosting us all summer long. They have been with us from the beginning and we're super loyal to them for all they have done. Go dine there. Have some cookies! Buy some soap! Just go there and buy something! (Mama needs a new motorcycle.)

We also want to thank America's Car Museum who supported us all summer along with giving all our volunteers annual passes to the museum for the next year. That was extremely cool and will keep them from spending the entire winter on the couch wishing for our next season to begin...or worse...far worse... making chutney.

As I keep saying, our volunteers are amazing. While we know some can scare the siding off a tech building, they are still great people who do this because they want to give back. We're hopeful we're all walking upright by next spring.

Two other big groups we want to thank. First are all those who bring cars out week after week. You bring a lot of smiles to the faces of others who are seeing cars like yours for the first time. It means the world to so many who come out to see your cars. We see them wet themselves with delight as you show up.

We especially want to thank Greg and a few others such as Bruce, and Fred for bringing Jon's cars out, including Roy, who come out week after week with their cool stuff. I don't think some people have any idea how much work it is for our collectors to get cars out of their garages and over to E@RTC and we appreciate all the hard work. You inspire a lot of people!

We also want to thank all of you for participating in this event. This is where it feeds on itself. We do it for all of you and your response helps give us the motivation to keep it going. Without all of you all our volunteers would simply go home and hide.

Thank you everyone! Let's hope next Saturday is decent.

*Ker-fub-u-late: (verb) to discuss weather while manscaping without reason or intent.