We Had A Good Meeting

All of us Thugs got together on Saturday to discuss what went well, give out the latest news, and to talk about what we can improve. We're always looking for ways to make a better event. We will have fewer special event days because it's a lot of work. Also, "Thugs in Thongs" day was unanimously ruled out except for that one guy who voted for it. We question his choice of beverage.

We don't know about where you live, but mom nature eventually decided to water a little later than first planned on Saturday, but it did finally rain. By Friday's weather report, they were predicting thunderstorms for Saturday so we were glad we were off as a safety measure. We didn't want to risk Vic's curly hair going off like a flash build in a lightning strike.

Jason had the taco truck show up to keep us all fed and the food was outstanding as usual. Sean won a trophy for being the guy who has to deal with all the folks who want to argue with him at the gate. His car knowledge runs rather deep, so you're messing with the wrong guy if you decide to argue with him about how special your ride is if it's not obvious. He can also out-nice you. He's US six-time champion of nice. He's known for his signature move of hugs without warnings. I just warned you.

Vic also got a trophy because he takes a lot of crap from the other guys in fun all season. Ask him about Ferrari runway requirements sometime, but stand back when you do. It's like lighting one of those things that spins on the ground, then pops. And Billy won a trophy; the keeper of the radios and other items because of his tenacity. He's another one of those volunteers who shows up week after week, always determined to help us put on the best show possible.

I was just happy to be a part of the group. Nobody got a wedgie this time, but maybe I wasn't looking.

We do laugh a lot when the Thugs get together. It's sort of our goal, to just make fun of each other and tell stories about this season and highlights from incidents during earlier seasons. Some stories will never ever get old. Like the time... never mind. 

You know, you don't have to own an exotic or rare car to volunteer as one of the beloved Thugs. For those working in the foreground, you do have to be personable, able to carry on a conversation, and be in firm possession of an engaging personality because it's not just about parking cars. You're also the Saturday morning party hosts. It's not a good job if you like to hide in the basement and play with your marbles, but it is fun if you like to connect people, help get cars sorted out, and just be a great ambassador to the event. 

For those who volunteer in the background, well, the bar's a little, shall we say, lower. It's just a few steps up from fogging a mirror, but not by a lot. We love it when people pitch in consistently. There is always something to do. We're now going through the 501c3 approval process and getting better organized on the back end for more growth. Yeah, we're getting bigger all the time.

What matters most is finding the volunteers who care about putting on the best car show possible week after week. That's the spirit in which we all work. We want to draw those exceptional cars, and the people who love them. That's what sustains the event, along with the friendships that are made each week. We want to build the best community event anywhere in the world. The Thugs have always been a unique bunch who put their entire focus on you having a great time and we plan to sustain that.

Listen, you can't expect to make a decent living selling pictures of your feet on the internet. While I know it's tempting to try other parts, don't. Just don't. Besides, it's not what your parents had in mind when you were shot out of the baby cannon in the back of a Greyhound. I'm talking from experience here.

Let's hope for a decent Saturday.