A Few Stats To Ponder

HellllOOOOoooo.... I'm feeling like I'm talking in a giant empty room now that the season's over... HeeeeelllllllooOOOOOOOOooooo..... ECHO...echo...echo...echo... Your mom's a HO-BAG..ho-bag..ho-bag..ho-bag..."yup..." What?

We don't know who's going to read this or when. I thought I'd share some fun stats with all of you to ponder about our season. Our nifty new website this year ended up with 40,049 unique visitors for the season, with 61,678 visits, and 124,939 page views and ZERO web optimization or ad words. Traffic is somewhat evenly divided between the website itself, the photographers and the blog. We don't believe the steamy pile of bullshit stats on Facebook, so we're not including that here. Think of any number in your head and we're fine with it. Facebook counts anyone on your friend list when you post something so the "reach" can be all the way to your dead grandmother in Winneconne. Bless her soul. It's a number that's completely meaningless to our audience. Besides, fewer and fewer people use Facebook. 

We had a total of 29 possible Saturdays this season of which we were rained-out nine times, and four of those rain-outs were at the very beginning of our season. Ultimately we had nineteen actual events for the season. We did take one Saturday off in August. Some of us needed beauty sleep that morning. (IT DIDN'T WORK!)

It took a while for our website to catch on because most people were following the event on Facebook but that site got to be such a busy mess, thank's to Facebook's "improvements" that were never "improvements", sort of like collagen lips. Or that facelift that makes you look like you're breaking the sound barrier in your sleep. We got tired of Facebook so when we rebuilt our site, most of you came with it, which was nice. Facebook sucks. No seriously, Facebook completely and utterly sucks so we don't do much with it anymore other than post now and then.

Speaking of Facebook, we get a few trolls there and you'd think they would figure out that everyone sees them as trolls. When they do realize what they said as something a bit moronic, it's like waking up naked on a freeway with no way to explain what just happened.

We received over 760 event-specific emails this season. A huge chunk were clarification questions about what does and doesn't qualify. Most of the time the response is the cars are qualified to get in and we deeply appreciate the ask. We answered every email and people have been nice. (And to that dude in Nigeria, where's my money? I sent you my bank account number months ago!)

We get a lot of inquiries from local businesses who want to "partner" with us and I don't think they realize we have a lot to do already. The mall also has strict guidelines about our use of the space so we point in that direction. Our goal is to keep things fun and not bombard everyone with commercial stuff. We would love to see a food stand somewhere or something like that from the mall somehow...a good chocolate chip cookie sounds good right about NOW.

The other emails were mostly FAQs that were already on the site. We're always nice, even when they write to ask if we're a weekly event. We love that people take the interest in us and we're here to help so we don't mind the questions.

Our peak days were 550+ cars, and our low days were around 200 cars. When we get above 500 we start to turn qualified cars away, and we hope to fix that in 2018. The average turnout was in the 300+ range. No, we don't count spectator cars and we're not a "Cars and Coffee" so we don't have the usual S2000 with a fart can to count in that total. All this time we were hearing about such impressive numbers coming from other Saturday events and it was all BS because they were counting every car anywhere near the event. They did that because they couldn't tell the difference. If we DID play that game, it would put us at around 1,500 cars on an average day. See why that doesn't work?

That totals roughly 6,000 exotic, rare and unique, cars for the season of which I'd guess that 2/3s are cars that make it more than once. Just a wild guess, I'd say we're pulling from a batch of about 1,500 exotic, rare, and unique cars that make it out at least once each season. It's just our best guess. For those of you in Fresno, we get a lot of cars.

Here is the big surprise, and a lot of people don't know this. We have some cars show up that are so expensive that we exceed $100 million in total car values on those days! There is no other weekly car event that can come even close to those numbers. This is because of a few generous collectors who take the time to bring out the very high-value stuff and they bring these beauties on their own wheels! There is nothing like E@RTC. 

We guess that spectator traffic runs at around 4 spectators and participants per participant car. It's hard to count because people are cruising between the lots and the mall, but we do our best to make a general count and get it right. That would put us averaging around 1,200 people per event, or about 24,000+ people for the season, except we'd have to double spectators on special event days, so it's safe to say close to 30,000 come out each season and of that total, the unique visitors are about a third if we had to guess, so about 10,000 unique visitors a season. We tend to be conservative with our numbers. We do very little outside promotion and we don't do any web optimization. Our goal is to match our audience with the cars so we build a strong community .

We get very few complaints each season. Less than a dozen and most of those are about entrance criteria. Hey, we do our best and we have no plans to change who we are. Sean has to deal with the bulk of it at our entrance, where he gets a lot more grief. He has about one or two who want to argue every Saturday. It's a tough job and we hate turning anyone away.

We wanted to share this info with you because we are a community event.