We're Done For The Season and I've Run Out Of Tissue Crying About It

Thank you, everyone, for making our 9th season so outstanding. Expect even more improvements for 2018. We don't know what the exact percentage of improvement will be for our new season, as we're just now making our priority list.

In closing out this season, I'd like to share some thoughts about why our website and blog are written the way they are. We will continue writing all through our offseason just to keep you up to date. We had a couple of critics this week, which is fine, we love feedback in the spirit of improvement. Still, we're not for everyone and we don't try to be. Let me explain why.

It begins with a basic rule when marketing any product, and that is that you never try and make anything for everyone. It's an instant recipe for failure. That, and chocolate chips on a nice pepperoni pizza with onions and anchovies. No great company ever tries to make their device for all people. It doesn't matter if it's Apple, Chick-fil-A or Honda. 

You have to know your audience and our audience is never going to be everyone in the car world who happens to like cars. Some are going to hate everything we do no matter what we do. Those in Frezno sitting on the porch steps, with an ankle monitor, while reading this blog come to mind. So do some who don't like the fact that we have a focus on what types of cars make it into the event. E@RTC has always had its share of those who curse our name, raise their fists and spit, along with the usual critics who'd never ever lift a finger to do anything for a car community of any kind anyway. The recent posts we took down on Facebook are similar. We get it, you don't like this. Well, don't read it. Problem solved.

They aren't comments in the form of anything helpful. These aren't individuals who'd ever pitch in to help anyway, so we generally ignore them unless they come up with a great idea. Besides, most of the critics we get on Facebook and other social media are kids either living in their parent's basement, or soon to be living in their parent's basement...either way, there is a basement in the deal somewhere. Trust me.

We are there to have a great time and make each other laugh and keep things light-hearted. We don't much care if we offend someone. Being offended is not a fatal disease. I can be offended every day if I want to look for it. I chose to never be offended. I'm offend-proof and I'm happy! Try it! It's super-easy. Take out a little pad and paper and make a note to yourself, write down, "I will no longer be offended by anything." (Don't forget to sign it) and watch how much your day improves. I promise you it will. 

There is too much serious stuff out there in the world already, so we don't want to forget what we're for and that's to have a great time, see cool cars, etc. and make some friends. We don't need to write car reviews because they are everywhere. Writing, in general, has become too sterile and lacks any personality because too many writers worry about offending someone somewhere. I can assure you I don't because our core audience is also offended-proof. If you listened to our two-way radio chatter on a Saturday morning, we constantly make fun of each other but it's damn funny. That's our foundation- having a great time around cars.

The job of our blog is to keep our community together and if we make you giggle at our stupid humor, then bonus. Yes, now and then we have to deal with some drama, but that's to protect our brand, as we have done since we began. We still try and have fun with that too. So no, no plans to change the blog as we watch our traffic and people seem to read it and it's growing in popularity. Thanks to all of you who do laugh. 

You see, much of E@RTC's core foundation of E@RTC is based the cross-relationships and friendships people have made at our event. We make a few people laugh and have a good time and they help us connect with others and suddenly we have a car community where genuine friendships are born, cultivate, and thrive. We love this. It's why we do all of this. We love seeing all of you have had a great time, but damn-it, we can't make everyone have fun. Some people are just unhappy no matter what and we feel bad about that. May I suggest a cool refreshing mint.