We're on for Saturday and a lot of news... PACCAR for one...Monterey... Wheels and Heels...

Here goes! We’re on for Saturday and after two weeks off, we’re expecting a bigger than usual turnout. The weather is expected to be decent too! We love this time of year especially after Monterey… speaking of which…


It was a heck of a car week. Just about every car journalist born in the last hundred years was there to cover it, so you can look at any car site and read something about Car Week. If you’ve never been and want to go, start planning now. Quail is the hardest to attend so write them for tickets as it’s sold out in seconds. It was spectacular this year and truly a very special event where we saw cars that will be difficult to ever see again. Tickets to Quail extremely expensive so start e-baying your former significant other’s stuff right now.

You also can’t miss the Pebble Beach Concourse as the main event. You do those two things and you see the best of the best. Hotels are very expensive so reserve early, or start to hunt for that perfect cardboard box to tuck under a freeway somewhere. We see a lot of folk there from E@RTC and that always adds more fun to the week. We watch out for each other in case one of us has to arrange bail.

Monterey, like every car event, had a lot of problems with tuners along with bad behavior from a few exotics. The police had their handcuffs full and it takes just a few to ruin a good thing. Revving engines is annoying as crap to 99.7% of all humans and they have no idea how bad of an impression they make on not just themselves, but the very brands they drive. The Mustangs and Camaros were especially obnoxious and not welcome most places for that reason. The police were dying to tase the crap out of every one of them until they involuntary wet themselves. You can find lots of videos on YouTube.


We have PACCAR bringing two big massive Kenworth W990 trucks for you to ponder and crawl around on Saturday. It’s a great time to bring the kids to see these two beauties up close and personal. The cabs are roomy and comfortable and inviting for that big road trip. They are bigger than my first apartment where I could reach just about everything from the toilet. Think of all the cars you could haul with that beast. Give the term “crushed it” real meaning! Think of the ex-now-far-less-than-significant-other you could move in one shot!

Wheels and Heels Gala!

We’d like to put together a table of E@RTC-ers at the upcoming Wheels and Heels Gala at America’s Car Museum in Tacoma on Saturday, September 7. Write us at info@exoticsat.com if you’re interested in being a part of our table. Also if you’re at E@RTC this Saturday, let one of us know you’d like to go. It should be a good time. Sir Mix-a-Lot will be there as the Honorary Chair of the Gala so lets all show him some big love! Kristen Wells will hopefully make it out to E@RTC before that event in a few weeks, so feel free to bug her about it too. She would love nothing more than to see E@RTC all scrubbed up and looking dapper.

The last two weeks flew by, but we’re now eager to get back into our usual pace. We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

A Few Worthwhile Things...

America’s Car Museum has their upcoming Wheels and Heels Annual Gala coming up on September 7 and we’d love to put together a table of E@RTC participants & spectators. Tickets for non-members are $275.00 and tickets for museum members are $250. If you’re interested in going and joining us at a table, please write us via our contact page. There are eight places per table and we can get more tables if you like. Write us if you’re interested. You can expect lots of laughs.

Well, it looks like even if we had E@RTC it would have rained this weekend anyway. A group of our volunteers are heading down to Monterey on Saturday, and another group is going to start the drive on Sunday. It’s always been a fun drive and I’m looking forward to it this year.

After the 24th, we have about eight more possible weeks of E@RTC, but the weather starts to turn on us so realistically, we have fewer than eight to go so when we resume on the 24th come out! Meet everyone, have some fun before you go hibernate all winter. Let us see you before you fatten up.

We're Off Until August 24!

As you read from our prior blog post, we’re off until August 24. Look at it this way, we get rained on and we’re forced into taking time off, sometimes weeks in a row and we all live through it. Just pretend it’s raining. It will be somewhere. Better yet, drag your butt down to Monterey for the week and have some fun! Bring a tent! Rooms are hard to get so pile four of your best friends in a room if it’s too expensive and you’re in to that kind of thing. Four fat guys snuggling like a package of hotdog buns.

We had an excellent turnout yesterday with lots of visitors from out of town who have heard of E@RTC before. It’s become a real thing around the world, thanks to all of you. We can’t emphasize this enough. None of this would be possible without all of your help and the incredible volunteers we have each weekend. They do amazing things for us! If people are into cars, chances are they know about the event, which is nice. It’s a heck of an honor for us and we never want to let you down.

We will have Kenworth coming out on the 24th and that will be cool. Every time I sit at the wheel of one of those rigs I dream of all the Prius I could crush in the left lane while sipping juice. That’s the video game I want someone to create. The only goal is to crush a left-lane Prius. We should crowd-fund that.

We will see you all in two weeks. We’ll post here before then, just to make you feel connected. The two weeks will fly by before you know it. We continue E@RTC until October sometime, depending on when we see that first long stretch of rain. Then everyone hibernates for the winter again.

See you all soon! Write us now and then. We love to get the mail.

We Will See You All Saturday...then we have two weeks off

Hi Everyone! Miss us writing? We were having some technical difficulties. For some reason, we could not get the log-in page to load. It didn’t matter what browser we used, so we’re late posting. They finally got it fixed. Yeah, we’re on for Saturday, but then we’re off for two weeks because Redmond Town Center needs their mall back for a day. We’ve been hogging it all summer. They have the big 5K Enforcer run around the mall. It’s like shopping, only a lot faster. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

My days running we’re about like most people. I’m out there running, and I’m running, and I’m running then one day, I thought to myself, this sucks, and I stopped. The end.

If they really wanted to make it exciting, they could start a new tradition and call it Running of the Cheetahs where they unleash a hungry pack and watch people run from the safety of the stores. We’re really see who’s the fastest. Let those Spaniards think we’re the crazy ones for once! You’d see some really fast runners for a change, and not those tubby guys who hit the nearest dumpster at the first sight of a bull coming their way. You know these runners would be flying by long before those cheetahs ever showed up.

Oh, then next week, on the 17th, we’re off too because we won’t have enough volunteers to help out because of car week in Monterey. They migrate south for that. If you need to see cars or you get that nervous tick above your left eye, you could come down and take in a few car shows. We return to our normal program the following week. If you’ve never come to Monterey, it’s a real thing to see.

We also have British Car Day coming up in September. We’re guessing we have about seven more decent Saturdays before we end our season when the rain starts. Still plenty of time to come out. But, do come out this Saturday while you can because a lot of people from out of town would love to see your ride and talk to you about your car. It means a lot to them.

See you all Saturday!

We are RAINED OUT... or so we think...

We never know if the weather folk will get it right. Here is how they score Saturday like Russian figure skate judges holding up white cards for the US team… Weather.com gave Saturday a 40%, KING 5 10% so I’m guessing someone slipped them a few bucks. Weather Underground- 40%, KOMO 40%, KCPQ 40%, KIRO 0%…what the hell happened there? Either they will be gloating or someone got to them. And finally NOAA has Saturday at 40%. It could come down to just two people who everyone else follows for all we know. The good side of all this is that our volunteers get a badly-needed day off. Thanks for all they do for us!

We will be back next Saturday, assuming it doesn’t rain or snow or some other weird thing. It’s been a strange summer. Sort of like that date you had that seemed normal until they ate that one thing then things got a little weird. Don’t you ever wonder who ate the first oyster? Was it a bet for a beaver pelt or something?

Kenworth is planning to come out on August 10 we think. It all depends on the weather and the scheduling of that beast. It’s cool when they come out. It’s fun to get up in the cab of these things and look around and think about life on the open road, flattening rodents as you listen to country tunes.

Oh, don’t forget, we’re taking Saturday, August 17 off because of Monterey Car Week that ends that Sunday. Most of us will already be down there getting an overload of rare and special cars and possibly a little too much sun. For those of you who are pondering going down, get your butts in gear now or you’re sleeping in a dumpster somewhere like when you were in college. Different groups are driving down different days, some flying in, but most like to head down in their own rig of some kind. Check on Facebook if you’re looking to meet up with someone somewhere.

Hope to see you all next week…or the week after…

As for Saturday, July 20, YES!

This Saturday the weather folk are reporting a nice 78 degrees for a high and no rain. We may see some clouds in the morning but that’s not a big deal. You’ve woken up next to much worse.

It’s so hard to believe we’re in the second half of our season. I also think this is a new record for consecutive Saturdays without rain. What we’ve not had this season are those extremely warm mornings just yet, but we expect them to show up before the season ends.

We have Kenworth coming out soon. They are going to bring out the new massive W990. Sounds like a tax form, but I assure you, it’s not. It’s the latest creation from PACCAR and we love to help them any way we can. We’re proud of them building these things right in our back yard. Well, not exactly in our back yard. That would be a mess, but you know what we mean. You can come see these things and take a look inside. It won’t be this Saturday, but it’s coming up either next week, or the one after that, if Ms Nature decides to be be nice to us. You never know with her.

Thank you to all the participants who bring out their fabulous machines every Saturday. The spectators are grateful and let us know it. It means a lot to those people who never get to see exotic and rare cars up close. See you all Saturday!

We on for Saturday, July 13...

Which is roughly the first day of summer…usually. I don’t get the weather this summer. It’s been great for keeping the fire danger down, but not so good for raising the number of typical sunburns we see by this time each year. You know that friend who’s back you’re dying to slap!

It’s hard to believe we’re already half way through our season. It’s amazing how fast the time flies. We got through the 4th of July week with no reports of missing fingers or eyes, or a loss of hearing, so we’re all damn happy about that.

We have a month before Monterey and we have a big surprise coming one of these upcoming weekends. No, I’m not going to tell you what it is until we’re closer. It’s something cool and something you don’t want to miss so come out every Saturday just to make sure you don’t miss it.

I also want to give a special shout out to all our volunteers once again who made Italian Car Day so special. They did an incredible job as usual. We did get one complaint about one person who behaved badly while entering by making lots of demands. Hopefully they read this. We are going to have a nice sit-down because we don’t allow our volunteers to be mistreated, ever. He tried to be a bully, but hey, we’re called the thugs for a reason and we yell right back. We may not even smell good that day, so never push it. It’s the only report of anyone getting a little uppity. We can deal with that. There are plenty of dumpsters nearby that could use a visitor.

We also have Redmond PD as a regular part of our event, so please come over and say hello. We’re extremely happy they are giving up their time to be a part of our great event. Thank them for all of us. It goes a long way.

Hope to see you all Saturday!

A Few Odds and Ends...

We had a fantastic Italian Car Day and we hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. We hear about all the pets who are freaked out because of all the explosions. What I think about most are all those bomb sniffing dogs who think they screwed up.

We had no reports of any bad behavior at Redmond Town Center this week so thanks to all of you for that. I doesn’t hurt that the Redmond Police Department is now a part of our event. We’re thrilled to have them there and we hope you all take a moment to thank them for their service. It’s dangerous work. Redmond is kind of a sleepy town, but it does have some serious moments when the police have a lot on their hands so we want them to know that us car folk have their back at all times.

At the moment, it looks like we’re still on for Saturday, but we will post that decision on Thursday afternoon as usual. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s been an odd summer so far. It hasn’t been the warm, sunny summer we typically have, nor has it been all that wet. It’s a little odd.

As for special events, we only have one more this season and that’s British Car Day. We could only squeeze in three special events this season. We do have Kenworth coming out one Saturday morning and that’s always fun. We’ve not done that in a while, but you don’t want to miss the latest products from such a great company.

We’re also now in the Monterey Car Week countdown for those of you who are going. If you want to head down, get what tickets you can right now. Hotels are the big problem. If you only have just one day, I’d strongly recommend the car parade on Thursday morning in Carmel By The Sea. That’s the actual town name. What other city needs to point out where they are? Sounds like it was named by really old people. “Ohhh, that one!”

Italian Car Day and Police Emphasis Patrols!

We’re on for this Saturday, July 6, for those who missed it in the giant red banner, is Italian Car Day, and one of our biggest days all season. This is a day when we dial it up for all exotic and rare cars made in Italy, but still welcome all other nationalities as long as they meet the usual criteria. We’re expecting some very special stuff to show up as we get every year.

We will be taking the whole center section of the mall, wrapping around to the primary lots near BJs Restaurant. Don’t forget, you can also stay at the Archer with a wonderful discount on our accommodations page.

Emphasis Patrols

We had a great conversation this past week with the Redmond PD. We’ve asked their assistance in helping us keep the event safe and to help us stamp out bad behavior. This isn’t just about E@RTC. Redmond Police also pointed out the large number of pedestrians around Redmond and they don’t want anyone to get hurt by some idiot racing through town.

Listen up! We’re cheering them on if they write you the fattest ticket you’ve ever seen in your whole life for behaving badly. We are firmly on their side. We hope they go so far as to impound you if they have to get the point across. Please tell your friends if you want to get around Redmond and save yourself a surprise expenditure.

They also plan to bring a patrol car to the show and we welcome them back. Police cars are always a huge hit when they show up. Please thank them for the service they provide to the community and Redmond PD has been an outstanding supporter since the day we started. Thank them for helping us keep E@RTC a world-class event.

We’re also expecting more Washington State Patrol emphasis along 405 and 520 to get those morons who decide to race into or out of Redmond. You know, the ones who try and do a fly-by along 520 before they have to go home to mom’s basement. We hope those folks get hog-tied and impounded for sure!

A Little 4th of July Public Service Announcement

Today is also the 4th of July and as we pointed out last year, someone out there will have less than ten fingers after tonight. So if you plan to have a few beers and play with explosives on this beautiful important day, take a look at your hands before you venture out, because it may be the last time you see them in the current unmodified configuration. It’s just a little reminder that the boom you hear, my be the sound of an involuntary but sudden hand disassembly. Think of how long it took you to grow that hand in the first place! You won’t have a way to grow another. Stay safe!

This Saturday is Italian Car Day! (Oh, and we had some behave badly this week...)

One of our biggest days of the season is this coming Saturday for Italian Car Day. As always, other car nationalities are still welcome, but this is when we put those Italian beauties front and center and take over the center of the mall. We typically draw almost 500 cars this day and more spectators than at any other time, so come out. This is one you don’t want to miss!

Why are the most expensive cars in the world from Italy? Why not Greece? What, they have no imagination? Even Japan! Japan makes great cars! Yet, Italy and everyone’s heart skips a beat.

You buy a Japanese car and it breaks, the engineers all get together to find out what went wrong. They go through this whole process to discover who screwed up on the assembly line. They fire them, their entire family, shame their ancestors, and erase all trace they ever lived.

An Italian car breaks down, and the engineers get together and respond, “Well, it was a beautiful night for you to walk home.”

Bad Behavior

For those of you who are sensitive to me flaming people for bad behavior, stop reading now... Just so you sensitive Sallys know, I’m about to pull out the blow torch once again.

Apparently a few of you have not learned your lessons about how to behave in and around Redmond and word got back to us. There is that asshat with the green Huracan that’s not welcome back. He’s been a problem before but somehow got back in, even though I suspect it was the same dude who was banned. We have those diaper babies in the Audis who the police finally nailed and you’re definitely going to get kicked out by security. If you know who they are, let them know they are not welcome to ever come back.

We’re asking the police to do some emphasis patrols in and around Redmond to nail these self-absorbed narcissistic morons who only think they matter. We know it’s just a few who want to ruin things for everyone else and the police will be out to generate some decent revenue from your nonsense. We’re cheering them on when they hogtie your ass and throw you in jail and impound your cars. Cha-Chig on that bill. We’re not kidding even a little. We’ve had ten years of success and we’re not going to let a few immature toddlers ruin it for the whole community. You give the entire car community a bad name and we care about sustaining this event. You give your own mom a bad name. Whoops, no, she did that herself having you! She did that other thing, but I’m being polite.

Flame thrower is now off…

Sorry for the PSA everyone. It’s sucks to write that stuff, but as long as there is bad behavior, we have to call it out. This isn’t Seattle. See you Saturday!

We're On for Saturday... and other stuff

It’s looking like we’re on for Saturday, but barely, and the trend is improving. The weather folks go on vacation so who knows how hard they try this time of year, but it’s all we have to go on. My knees won’t tell us anything. It’s not like a have a magic wart that acts up when it’s going to rain. We’ll trust them for now.

Thanks to all those who came out for German Car Day. It was a huge success and we had zero reports of bad behavior, which is what we love to experience. Thank you all for making it a wonderful event and for helping us keep everyone so well-behaved. It means a lot to us. It’s a very big deal when we have these events and no problems with people doing bad stuff.

Next weekend, July 6 will be Italian Car Day, so don’t forget that extra-special day. It’s one of our favorites all year. It’s also one of our most heavily attended events all season. We don’t have another special day after that until British Car Day, which is also a terrific day for us. So come out for those as well. Then go have a pizza!

This Saturday we expect a lot of out of town visitors and those who’ve managed to escape from other places so bring out your cars. Seriously, some of these out of town guests have never seen these cars in person before so it’s a huge deal when you come out. Give them a thrill! Come show off your stuff. No, not that stuff. The car.

Tourists are here to see our beautiful city and have a nice vacation. Wait until they get a load of Seattle and the sewer that place has become. Don’t mean to interject politics, but wow, what a sad situation! Don’t let our Eastside politicians make the same mistakes. This isn’t about party, this is about garbage. Lots of it! We try and stay out of politics. We do get mad about garbage. It’s everywhere.

Don’t forget to make your plans for Monterey if you are thinking about going. It’s hard to believe it’s only about eight weeks away, depending on what day you’re heading down. If you plan to drive, we’ll see you along 101. Come pat Babe the Blue Ox nut sack! We will post our details as we get closer.

See you Saturday!

Italian Car Day will be here soon and so will Monterey... read on

We had another fantastic German Car Day this year. Nobody got arrested, everyone behaved. Gold star to everyone! Shocker!

This marked the first of our three theme days this season. Thong day was not going to happen. We can only afford to pay for so much therapy and the bill would have been huge. Besides, we want to stick with cars.

We have Italian Car Day on July 6 as our next event when we turn up the volume to 11 again. That’s our biggest day of the season, next to opening day. Meanwhile, we don’t want to get a lot of email about if we’re still meeting on Saturdays. Yes, we are, unless it rains. Next Saturday is looking so-so right now as I write this. Anything could happen. Destiny awaits. So does laundry.

For those of you thinking about Monterey this year, it’s late for hotels, but it’s still something to consider if you’ve never gone before. It’s way better than a crafts fair. Anything is better than a crafts fair. I’d rather go in for a chest waxing. I’d rather pull a nail out of my foot.

We’re traditionally off the weekend of August 17 because, well most of our volunteers are in Monterey. It’s like the big E@RTC migration south. This year we’re heading out the prior Sunday morning nice and early and heading down the coast, something we do about every other year, with night stops in Newport, OR, followed by Eureka, CA, then Monterey. It splits the drive into thee six hour segments, so lots of time to play coastal tourist and eat stuff we’d never otherwise touch. As I sit here, I could have been a world class trapeze artist if it wasn’t for my love of pastries.

By the time we reach Trees of Mystery on Monday, we always find people we know at that stop. It’s kind of dumb, but fun at the same time. It’s like the power line where all the birds land. If we don’t already know you, we may see you there. If you’re thinking about driving down, don’t wait to make your reservations. Do it now or you’re sleeping in your car or under a dumpster somewhere. Don’t wake up with gravel stuck to your face.

We are still getting lots of email about qualifying cars and all of it helps us fine tune our list. Don’t email us late Friday and expect an answer before E@RTC. It’s our only tweezing time. Some of us have other stuff we have to get done and my not answer until the weekend. We do our best, but we’re all volunteers here.

See you this coming Saturday unless it rains. It could. You never know around here.

German Car Day... and Brats

Saturday is German Car Day! It’s one of our biggest events all year for those who love German cars. Every year we get some surprises and stuff shows up that we’ve not seen before so come out! Yes, other car nationalities are still welcome. We just dial it up for Germany.

The weather is looking decent for Saturday but then after that it looks like a long stretch of rain or almost rain. That stretch right now runs into the following Saturday so this could be the last decent Saturday for a couple of weeks, so this would be a good one to try and make. Fill out those yard pass forms early. Do something around the house. Make a nice quiche, then come to E@RTC!

You could go have a brat somewhere. Nothing like a good brat. Buy the ones from Wisconsin. They say so on the package. Johnsonville are close. There would be a Johnson in the name. Makes it kind of easy to remember. That’s where all the good brats are grown. The ones grown here are significantly closer to lawn sausage. Don’t make me explain that. No, don’t taste test.

Be sure to cook them well on the grill. You don’t want to get trichinosis. No, that’s not when you suck at magic. It’s a real thing. Read about it. Just cook your brats.

You could stay at the Archer! Get all snockered on good German beer and just sleep it off at the hotel and not drive anywhere. So many possibilities! It’s way better than trimming a hedge.

See you all Saturday!

June 22 is German Car Day... Others Still Welcome!

Next week is German Car Day, and those enthusiasts come out in force! They will be all around the mall, down the center, the sides of the mall and just about everywhere. We also still get lots of other nationalities, but it’s the one day of our season when we turn it up a notch for those built in Germany. Yes, we get a lot of Porsche. We get a lot of everything so you won’t be disappointed if you still want to see something else. it’s like we have a big menu and German Cars are on the chef’s daily special sheet.

We do get some extraordinary cars so come out! We get stuff you didn’t know was around here, and some of these beauties come from a long way away so don’t forget our accommodations page so you can overnight here at the Archer and get 20% off. It’s way better than sleeping in your car like those crazy kids from Montana who drive all night to make it to E@RTC. Glen, I’m talking to you…yeah, you.

Where I’m going here, is we get bombarded with email asking if their Italian or British car is still welcome and the answer is yes. We don’t lower the bar either so your Diesel Rabbit still isn’t getting in and probably won’t until we’ve colonized another galaxy somewhere.

Last year the group was great and we didn’t have any problems. We’ve noticed that when we made it about countries rather than brands, that some of the ego stuff was dialed back considerably, so we’re happy with the change. It makes it a lot easier on us too. Lines of cars to get in will be long so get there early. We’ll move you through as fast as we can. There is plenty of spectator parking around the mall so that’s never an issue.

We’ll see you all on Saturday!

We're On For Saturday!

We’re completely on for Saturday. As if you didn’t know that already. We didn’t see even a little threat of rain all week. Next week looks a little wobbly, but this Saturday should be a nice morning to come out and hang with your peeps.

Hey, don’t forget the Archer Hotel is doing brunch so river-dance on over and give it a try and let us know what you think. We’re glad they are all finally open after watching that thing get built over the last two seasons. It looks nice. Redmond has come a long way.

That south section of RTC turned out to be kind of the nasty food corner for a long time. Desert Fire went under. They had some good food, but the restaurant design was odd and the food slowly turned into something that made you want to run away. The place that followed would cause you to pull 6 Gs on the toilet on any given day.

Remember Claim Jumper? They sure started out strong when they first opened. They had meals bigger than you, and it attracted some of the largest humans I’ve ever seen on two feet. They needed those double doors. But, over time, the place just kind of got weird. Yeah, weird. The food was just so-so, and they couldn’t attract flies. It was a real shame too. That place was built like it was there for the single goal to fatten you up. That may have been its demise.

BJs… well we try. Nuf said. So, we’re hopeful that the Archer hits a home run and it looks like they are off to a good start. Lunchbox Lab is good. Massive and good. I also think the Fuji Steak House is very good too. Just don’t wear anything remotely flammable. It’s a cook-at-your-table-style restaurant, where knives move fast and where I’m guessing they have a decent amount of Band-Aids stashed somewhere.

Redmond Town Center does a lot for us so we want to support them as much as possible. You help us all tremendously when you shop or dine there. It’s turning into an experience center, so you can go there and experience stuff, like hot yoga with other hot sweaty people. Go see some of your friends sort of look like a goat from behind. Something to do. Buy a phone. Eat a cookie. There is so much there.

See you all Saturday!

Looking Like Sunshine Forever...

I checked the weather and it doesn’t look like rain is in the forecast anytime soon so we’re probably on for Saturday. This gives you ample time to negotiate that yard pass. I think we’ve already set a record for more nice Saturdays than not for this time of year. As always, we’ll post our final call on Thursday in case the weather folk are just messing with us and expect a deluge.

I found out that the Archer also has a breakfast buffet on Saturday. Mosey on over to our Accommodations page if you want to spend the night and arrive in grand style. Get to the buffet before Nick. That’s all I’m saying. This is great because you can see some cars, grab a quick bite and get back out to walk it off. We’re thrilled that the hotel is right there in the parking lot given how many of you come from a long way just to see these cars. We’re grateful for your effort to come see us and we don’t want to ever disappoint.

Also check our special events page to see what’s coming up. We don’t always post when we’re getting some surprises in town. You never know what will show up so come out and see for yourself so we don’t have to excitedly wave our arms so much.

I try and post something on the blog every Sunday and Thursday, but sometimes I have stuff to do too, but I do my best to get something here. It’s nice to see we get a lot of readers according to our stats, but our mail goal is to just make this whole thing a lot of fun and not take ourselves too seriously. It’s not like we’re all showing up for kidney surgery or anything. See you Saturday!

Looks Like We're On Again... After Some Lightning and Stuff...

This looked like a crazy weather week. It’s like admiring that beauty from afar who’s acting just a we bit bat-poop crazy, and you’re not sure if you like it or not. That’s how the weather looked all week, but glad to see we’re now on, after what looks at this point, like Friday from hell. We may even see lightning on Friday. Not the best day to foil your hair on that wide-open roof deck.

We don’t get those spectacular crackling thunderstorms like we did in the Midwest. You weren’t living unless you saw lightning hit something important. You always knew that odd kid who got struck once or twice and every time they would tell the story you’d fight off laughing like hell as they would talk about the experience of blasting across the yard like a cheap lawn dart. You’d grit your teeth and try to act sympathetic. There would be that one eye sort of wondering off as you tried to reason with the kid about the dangers. A tip; next time there is lightning, don’t decide to go play with that old golf set from gramps.

Oh, don’t forget we have German Car Day coming up on the 22nd. That’s always a big day. That one is rain or shine as we move it into the garage if it’s raining. It’s the only event we do that’s rain or shine so it’s kind of interesting when it does rain. Either way, come on out!

Also don’t forget, that’s two things not to forget, we now have our accommodations page for your additional comfort and enjoyment while staying at the Archer Hotel. For those of you coming from out of town, it’s a great place to stay and wake up to fun cars rolling in the next morning.

You know Redmond Town Center has a lot more places to eat than ever before. Good places! Places you will actually like and not the prison quality stuff you’d find at other malls. Redmond itself is more interesting than the old days when all you could buy was some feed and bag balm for the herd. Don’t know what that is? Look it up. :)

You didn’t know that? Redmond was a cow town. Really! Where you see apartments once stood grain elevators, and places to scrape the poop off your shoes. I’m not kidding.

Thank you for all your support and for reading this blog this far. We try and keep it fun. That’s what E@RTC is all about; cars you’d love to see and fun.

We Have an Accommodations Page!

As you can see, we now have an accommodations page on our website to better accommodate you. It’s our hotel page linking to our nifty discount at the Archer Hotel where you can savor 20% off while staying there for an E@RTC event! This means that refugees from Fresno have a place to go. The hotel is right in the parking lot so you can do the worm from your room all the way over to our lot without burning through your shirt!

I got a report of some Audi pilots not connected to our event still behaving badly around the mall and we need all of you to help us get that under control. Your help in policing this matter is much appreciated as we don’t want to ban all Audis, but we will do something if this keeps up. I don’t know how well village idiot jobs pay these days, but these guys may want to consider applying somewhere. The right town might be willing to pay a lot for a good one.

We’re still getting lots of emails about car qualifications and again, we’re always happy to get a response out to you just as fast as we can. Do us a favor and don’t email us the night before and expect an answer by morning before the event. Some of us need our beauty sleep. You don’t want us to show up all crabby and stuff.

E@RTC is becoming an internationally known event and it’s all because of you and the cars you bring. We’re extremely appreciative of all of your support and all the fans that come out to see your machines. The whole thing is wonderful.

Oh one reminder, we never allow mimes. They annoy the hell out of everyone. Feel free to drag any you see out of the event with their invisible rope. Annoying AF!

The Archer is now Open! You Get 20% Off! Darrin Got Married too!

We’re on for Saturday! We know you’d rather come out than steam clean that ugly rug or have to go plant something, like a long-lost dead relative somewhere. Sorry. Okay, that was dark.

We’re thrilled to announce that Archer Redmond, the new hotel is now open! They did a terrific job on the design and they welcomed us with open arms as they got closer to opening. We will do all we can to help them be super-successful in Redmond.

They gave all of us from E@RTC this nifty portal for 20% off! What’s cool is that they have their own internal parking making it safe for all those cars that come from Vancouver, BC, or Portland, or Chesaw. Yup, Chesaw. There are people there. I’ve seen them before. No, Chesaw is probably not a good vacation spot unless you like wild random shrubbery.

Oh, the hotel serves breakfast as well! Think about how fun to drive in, spend the night and not have to go anywhere, then roll out of bed, scratch yourself, then walk out to enjoy E@RTC! You can then go to BJ’s for lunch. It’s a bit awkward to put that name with a hotel, I admit. I had to edit it a few times so it wouldn’t come up in the wrong search. I’m not the one who gave that food establishment such a terrible name!

Still, I can’t think of a more fun weekend event. We’re glad they are finally open after two years of painstaking construction. It’s a nice looking building too. Thank you Archer for your support!

We should see a nice turnout this weekend after last Saturday’s rainout. It was just starting to rain as I drove through Redmond that morning. It was nice that the weather folks got it right. So far they are doing better this year than last. We got flamed a lot over the weather calls, which we don’t make.

A big shout-out to Darrin Wong, who just got married on Monday. Darrin has been a supporter of E@RTC all the way back to our very first weekend. We wish he and Suki the best. Congratulations to you both! Darrin has been a great friend to all of us all these years and we’re very happy for him. Darrin was a big part of the car community long before we founded E@RTC.

As we were at the wedding, it made a bunch of us think about all the relationships and friendships that began with E@RTC. Some got married, others divorced, some became business partners and almost all helped each other in some way. It’s what community is all about. Yeah, a few got in arguments, but as far as we know, nobody got punched. It’s a beautiful thing. See you Saturday!

Memorial Day Thanks And More About Criteria...

It’s Memorial Day and our moment to think about all those who gave their lives for this country and for all those who served. It’s because of you that we have the freedom to clown around in a parking lot on a Saturday morning. Who knows what this country would be like without all you did. We all deeply appreciate your sacrifice. Thank you.

It’s still five days away as I write this, but Saturday is starting to look like it will be nice! This means we will have a good turnout. It’s always the situation when we have a good Saturday after a rain-out. It’s like people need their car fix and get that twitch above their left eye if they don’t see cool cars.

Apply for that yard pass early. Paint something, anything to get that pass. Paint always works, except on animals. That never works.

Someone asked why we’ve never commercialized E@RTC. It’s simple. We wanted to build a real community event and make the focus about you and not us. We have some sponsors, but it doesn’t cover our costs. We get support from Redmond Town Center and the rest is picked up by us to keep it independent, and about all of you. The goal remains to bring car enthusiasts together to see both exotic and rare cars for all our mutual enjoyment while having a good time. It’s like a weekly block party without beer throwing, fistfights or anyone getting hogtied and tossed in a police van. College was fun.

We’re still getting lots of questions about what cars make it into the event and what doesn’t. It’s on our criteria page. If you can’t find it there, just drop us a note and someone will get back to you within a day or two. Dan does a good job of maintaining that section. We all have other jobs so we get to email as fast as we can. Just don’t play the “worthy” card with us. It misses the entire point of the event. We think about what people will drive a long way to come see up close. It’s about as simple as that. Not, really, but close.

We love it when you write us and give us feedback. Even when you have to vent about your sister. We’re completely understanding, especially the sister part. We’ll take a letter about your brother too. We’re always up for a good laugh.

We’ll post our usual weather update on Thursday; if we’re on or off or if a submarine is coming by chance. We’ve not had one of those either.