That's a wrap! We have a lot of people to talk about...

The real reason we’ve called it off for the season after today is that some of our volunteers, about this time of year, every year, get stuck in a corn maze somewhere. The last time it happened, it took nearly a week to get them out, and it involved a National Guard helicopter, industrial air freshener, lots of deodorant, someone’s mom, therapy, and a shovel. Everyone was mad.

We don’t like to continue past this time of year anyway. There is a point where it’s just not fun anymore and none of us like each other that much. Oh, we like each other, but not in a hypothermic, let’s-snuggle-to-stay-alive kind of way. It’s not like we’re going to stand around holding each other while talking cars.

The blog will continue all winter, we promise. We’ll count down the days to next season together.

A Giant Thank You!

We have a lot of people to thank, and we’d like you to take a moment, stand on a chair facing Redmond Town Center and clap as you read this.

First, let’s thank Redmond Town Center for being there for us from the start. Jessica Morgan has been the best to us and we love her! She’s the one who did all those cool feather flags and is always there to work with us and make it the best event ever. What a great human! Thank you Jessica!!!! Oh, and she’s also a babe! Seriously! Thanks to the security staff and all the support from those who work at RTC who help us set up in the early morning hours.

We also want to thank Redmond PD for helping us out and keeping the peace. We have a few who want to ruin things, and we’re glad they are there to keep us all safe and do it in good cheer. A huge thanks to all of them! What a great city police department.


A Giant Thank You to our Volunteers!

We have our amazing volunteers to thank for making the world a better place. They are the heroes of the show who’s dedication and attention to detail is what makes us like nothing else in the US.

With an all volunteer organization that supports itself, we try and keep the time commitments for everyone to what they can spare. We’ve been in divide and conquer mode, where we all do different things, ever since we got big. I mean big as an organization, so here they are in alphabetical order, rather than who weighs the most.

Matt Berry for helping us out this season and doing all you can for us. We’re all very grateful for your help.

Nicholas Bergeron who has been with us about nine of our eleven seasons as I recall, and is our event day manager on most days. Nick has always brought his great humor and sort of serves as the human most willing to dish out crap to all of us. We dish right back. Thanks Nick for all the dedication and support over the years!

Jason Bourriague is owed a huge thanks as he not only managed the volunteers this season along with recruiting and overall coordination of everyone, he also did a fabulous job wrangling everyone to help divide and conquer all the little things that go with the event, even at times when he was stuck on a toilet in London after a taco that, well, wasn’t…he was still texting away. We’re sending you a case of Imodium AD for your next trip.

Joe Chason for all his help this season. He’s one of our new guys and we’re happy to have him join us. We all appreciate what you do for us Joe.

Andre Cunningham for not only helping us, but also managing those nifty text messages that go out if we’re on or off. Think of Andre if you need the same service and ping us for contact info. He’s also our resident Porsche guy. Thanks Andre for being with us all these years!

Jared Eades, sometimes known as the, “Silver Fox” who’s helped shape the personality of the event and for keeping it fun. Thank you Jared for being such a great brand ambassador for us and adding so much to the fun.

Ashley Eades for adding all that she does to the mix, making it fun and inviting for everyone. Jared and Ashley have become an important part of who we are and for helping us build a sense of community that’s been so important to who we are. Best couple volunteers ever!

Billy Goings for managing the radios and doing it will a smile. He’s been with us for a while now and is a huge help! Billy, a special thanks from all of us who you help out each week by keeping the radios charged and ready to go..

Ian Goralnick for his help this season. We thank you for being there and the time you dedicate to us.

Spencer Leamer is one of our newer volunteers but jumped in to do a lot of the behind the scenes work, such as helping us with the significant amount of questions we sometimes get. He put in a lot of extra time this season, so thanks Spencer!

Sean McDonough for managing the entrance all season long. The’s the tip of the spear folks and he has to put up with a lot of crap, so give him a special round of applause! Sean also knows his stuff about cars so little gets by him. He’s done an outstanding job of managing the sorting hat and life would be tough without him. Thanks Sean!

Rob Miles for also helping us out when he could. Thanks for all your help this season.

Davis Mock, who’s other ride costs more, and produces a hell of a lot more power than everything we have in the lot on any given day. Davis flies an MD11 for FedEx when he’s not helping us. Thank you Davis for all you do!

John Morley, the newbie as we like to call him. Thanks John for all your help this season and for being there so many times.

Tom Nault would probably do a lot more, if it wasn’t for his love of pastries. Tom largely runs the business side of things, and has from the very beginning, and so he doesn’t make it out as much as he’d like, but he’s there, keeping things bouncing along, like a frog crossing a freeway. If you don’t like what we say, blame him.

Dave Prevedel and his son Lincoln get a special shout out for driving the furthest of anyone as volunteers to show up on a Saturday morning. We really appreciate their hard work all season and for holding things down no matter what. You guys are amazing! If we could give you “dad of the year,” we probably would.

Lincoln Prevedel who is our smallest volunteer stepped it up a lot this season and from the counts, parked a lot more cars than Vic! Way to go Lincoln! You’ve earned the respect of everyone for all you do.

Robert Roppo, who Jason described as Jared’s bitch was a huge help as well. Thanks for all the help this season and for helping us keep it fun.

Dan Putnam is our criteria manager this year and did all the updates on the entrance criteria page. It’s kind of a tough job and it requires a lot of thought. Thanks Dan for helping us. He’s also involved in helping us define that fine line of what should make it in and why. Dan also did all those nifty videos of the parking lot while talking about the cars. Dan, thanks for all your help both at the events and behind the scenes.

John Rodrigues for helping when he can. We appreciate all your help with E@RTC.

Matthew Shimon for coming out and pitching in when he can. We appreciate the help! Thank you!

Vic Tiscareno who co-founded this thing with Tom, who’s become our resident event ambassador and knows just about everyone now. Vic’s always been there with a good cheer unless someone says a bad word about Apple, then it’s shirt-off, and a throw down in downtown. Thanks Vic for eleven seasons of good cheer!

Chad Townes who I understand won the award for nicest guy on the planet. Thanks Chad for all your work this season. You were a huge help to all of us!

Brendan Volk, also known as, “Lunch Box” is like our Swiss Army knife. Not only can he park cars, he can lift them and toss them around if necessary. Once in a while, he’ll drag a car into place for a nice photo. Brendan’s also a resident nice guy who’s been with us a few seasons now. Thanks Brendan!

“Swipe left…, no that should have been a right”

“Swipe left…, no that should have been a right”

What’s Nick looking at?

What’s Nick looking at?

Most of us this season…

Most of us this season…

Honey Badger comes to pay us a visit. We sure miss you!

Honey Badger comes to pay us a visit. We sure miss you!

“Level with me, did I get my text message right? Are we really on or is it just the two of us?”

“Level with me, did I get my text message right? Are we really on or is it just the two of us?”

Tom and Vic… still liking each other after eleven seasons as co-founders!

Tom and Vic… still liking each other after eleven seasons as co-founders!

About to kick off Season Eleven on a cold morning…

About to kick off Season Eleven on a cold morning…

When family comes to check your work…

When family comes to check your work…

“…okay, again, no kicking anyone…”

“…okay, again, no kicking anyone…”

“You get a radio, and YOU get a radio…”

“You get a radio, and YOU get a radio…”

ZZ Top longingly admiring Jason from behind… “He’s got legs…”

ZZ Top longingly admiring Jason from behind… “He’s got legs…”

Lincoln thinking about all the cars he’ll own someday…and the butts he’ll kick…

Lincoln thinking about all the cars he’ll own someday…and the butts he’ll kick…

Dan squishing Amanda…again, as she empties her last coffee on his shoe…

Dan squishing Amanda…again, as she empties her last coffee on his shoe…

“I wonder what SJ would do…? I don’t know why I can’t hear those guys…”

“I wonder what SJ would do…? I don’t know why I can’t hear those guys…”

“I shouldn’t have let that guy in…”

“I shouldn’t have let that guy in…”

“Then when you have him like this, give him a good shot in the bean bag…”

“Then when you have him like this, give him a good shot in the bean bag…”

“Tacos where?”

“Tacos where?”

Roy refusing to roll down his window again…

Roy refusing to roll down his window again…

“I don’t care if you have red shoes…you’re still not walking in…”

“I don’t care if you have red shoes…you’re still not walking in…”

“You know that guy could park if you’d just move…”

“You know that guy could park if you’d just move…”

Jason must have done a funny…

Jason must have done a funny…

Our Great Photographers!

We have a big shoutout to two of our most prolific photographers. First Jason Tang has been with us from the very beginning and has continuously provided great photography over the year. Not only is he a great photographer, he’s also an avid participant. Thanks Jason!

We also want to thank Karl Noakes for his amazing contributions all season. He’s taken some of the best people shots of the event that capture the true spirit of who we are. Thanks so much Karl!

Jason and Karl doing their great work!

Jason and Karl doing their great work!

We have a lot of other great photographers on our photos page, so please take a look at their work and thank them for putting up such great shots. Thanks you guys for making our website special.

The Archer Hotel for being such a great partner hotel. We’re thrilled that they give us such a great rate and for all their support this season. What we love about them was right from the start, they were asking how they could help and we very much appreciate them. Thank you Archer!

America’s Car Museum and Kristen Wells for all their support all year. We love the museum and do all we can to support there efforts. Please get down to the museum when you can. They are doing important work. Join the museum! Get involved!

Also, a special thanks to Chris Roberts and the others up at Salish Lodge who always take such great care of us when we come up. They are the best valets in the biz. You’re all outstanding and we love having you as a destination after E@RTC.

We Also Have to Thank All our Participants!

Those are the folks who bring out their cars every week! We’re guessing we pull from a pool of about 4-5,000 cars around the Northwest and we can’t thank you all enough for bringing out your spectacular machines and sharing them with the world. It means a lot to the others when you show up in force. For us volunteers, seeing you role in every Saturday makes it all worth it for us.

We also have our big car collectors to thank. Some don’t want their names here so we’ll just go with some initials. We have Greg W, Bruce W, John A, David S, Peter G, Roy C, and there are many others who go through a lot of trouble to bring your cars. Thank you Kevin Beech for driving down from Bellingham so many Saturday mornings! Thanks to all of you for bringing your fantastic cars!

We’d also like to thank the dealers who come out and brought cars this season. Ferrari of Seattle, Maserati of Seattle, Lamborghini of Bellevue, Rolls Royce of Bellevue, McLaren of Bellevue, Cats Exotics, Park Place, and a few of the others who came out with a special car now and then.

Let’s Not Forget our Spectators!

E@RTC can’t happen without people coming out to see the cars. Without your enthusiasm, some of the collectors don’t want to go through the trouble of getting a car out and trailered down to E@RTC. It’s your huge enthusiasm that helps drive participants and we can’t do it without you, so thank you for coming out!

Some Numbers You Might Like to Know

It’s hard to believe we’ve done this eleven seasons in a row, which works out to about 250 events. Not bad!

We thought we’d share some stats so you know how we’re doing. We estimate that about 18,000-24,000 people attended our events this season. We figure this out by counting people during the event, then multiplying it by the number of events, and making some adjustments for special days and lightly attended days.

We’d guess, and it’s only a guess that about a third are unique visitors. We have no way of knowing for sure, but spectator turnout almost doubles participants as they cycle through. We have no idea how long the average person stays while at the event.

We have more specific information from our website stats. We’re glad to share that too. We had 45,600 unique visitors to our website so far this year from over eighty countries. That’s up 17.3% over last year, so thank you for coming here. We had 148,000 page views! That too is up 18.6% over last year, thanks to all of you. Our blog had 34,000 visitors this year. (That’s a lot of potential Cease and Desist signatures.) That’s way up from about 9,000 last year. We’re glad people show up here for info and a laugh. I’m sure a few snap a pencil after reading, but so what. Pencils are cheap.

I had a pet grub once. It died.

This is it everyone...

…the last Saturday of our season, so come out and say your goodbyes. We are on for the last time this year! Go ahead, do your little happy dance, the one you do when you just got lucky.

We know this Saturday will be a huge turnout, but I will warn you it will be a little cold so dress for it. Nothing more annoying than trying to talk to you when you’re shaking like a dog pooping a hammer.

Fire up those electric undies. Bring the hand warmers, and I’m talking about what in your pockets right now. Wear winter stuff, even though the morning low is expected to be in the high 40s. Stand around enough and it’s still cold. Warm up at one of Redmond Town Center’s finest restaurants or do some shopping! It’s not too early to start that Christmas Shopping.

For most of us, this will be the last time we will see each other this thin. By next spring, we show up just a little bit more on the chunky side then deny it. Bring a scale to show your season ending weight before you begin your winter grazing. We all know how this will go. Yeah, some of you will get stuck overnight in a corn maze somewhere and almost starve, but for most of us, it’s chips and salsa all winter.

We have a lot of people to thank and I’m working on that separate blog which I hope to have finished soon, so come back here and read that one. It’s important! We have a lot of people who have done so much for us this season and we want to be sure and thank them.

Meanwhile, we’ll see you all on Saturday!

Weather is trending nicely for our...

…last event of the season. If the weather forecast holds, Saturday will be our last E@RTC for this year. We’ll post if we’re on or off on Thursday, same as we usually do. If we’re on, we’re expecting a lot of cars so show up early. Bring Kleenex and business cards so you can say goodbye to that special someone. Also dress warm that morning. It’s probably going to be cold too. We don’t want you going hypothermic on our last day.

We have a big diesel outdoor heater somewhere. We named it, “Sir Heats a Lot.” We’ve not used it in many years. Not since our season started in February, which we realized was a bad idea. We started that early because we were afraid everyone would forget about each other and not remember ever meeting before. That too wasn’t the case.

After this Saturday, we will continue to blog, and we will resume again on April 4, assuming it’s a nice Saturday. In reality, it will be more like May, but we could get lucky. Nice things happen to other people, so why not us too?

Stay tuned for our Thursday post!

We're rained out...but...

…we’re still trying to decide if we’re going to be willing to give it one more try next week. We will watch the next few days then either will risk it or call it for the season. We have a lot of people to thank and we’ll get to that in our next blog. It's in draft form. Check back for that!

This was a crazy week. First, I was sure we’d be off, so I started to draft a blog as if we were, so then the weather started to improve, so I wrote one about our having a workable Saturday. Then just as it was improving, and I kept writing, the weather turned on us again, and now we’re off.

I’m up at Sun Mountain as I write this, and if you get a chance, the leaves are just about to turn colors everyone likes, so get out and do the Cascade Loop while you can. There was snow on the sides of the roads for about the last few miles, but pass conditions were perfect and I strongly suggest getting in that last big drive before your yard pass is revoked. No ice anywhere either! It’s too warm.

I stopped at Diablo Dam just as they were opening a spillway and that was fun to watch. I’m sure the lazy dudes in floaters were not too happy to be swept out to Fish Town. They probably had to call friends to get them back to their pickups. You know we have an actual town called Fish Town? I could have been a world class floater if it wasn’t for my love of pastries.

It’s a matter of weeks before the HY 20 closes for the season and Winthrop sort of dries up until the pass opens again. Sure, some locals come through, but it turns into a hike. All the stores were getting ready for winter and they know it all kind of sucks. You can then drive through Leavenworth and get shit-faced for Octoberfest, dance around a pole, barf in a trash can, and have your buddies get you home. Sounds like fun!

I was surprised by how little traffic there was. I think people were expecting the pass to be bad. Get out there and drive! You have all winter to clean the car!

We will be posting our plans sometime soon, I promise.

We're Rained Out... and this could be it.

We’re rained out for Saturday so don’t bother cleaning the car. It was a close call, like the time you almost ordered the sushi at Denny’s. This leave just one or two possible Saturdays to go, then we’re done for the season. We all then run to Costco and stock up on snacks to get us through the winter. Some of you will watch football. Others will go paint something, or take something apart. You have all winter to figure out how to put it back together.

We hope to get in one more E@RTC before we’re done, but if we’re rained out next week, that will be the end of it for the season. We still have volunteer work to get done, even after the last event. We’ll want to dive on our calendar planning as soon as possible or it turns into a big mess.

On another note, I don’t know if you’ve thought about it, but in January, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) takes place in Las Vegas and it’s becoming more and more of an automotive thing. Detroit moved their car show to Summer to get out of the shadow of what’s become the biggest tech show in the world and now you will see a lot more automotive innovation than ever before. I’m guessing all things automotive is going to play a huge part of this year’s show given the lack of interference with Detroit. Come to CES and see your real future, rather than the one you thought when saw that special someone at the bar who then later hit you with that unexpected restraining order. Or the one you saw after you banged your head on that rock.

Vic and I, along with a lot of other regulars at E@RTC have been going every year for years. I think Vic’s been going since Edison did the keynote. Some from E@RTC have been in attendance every year since E@RTC started! The standards for registration are low, but the hotel cost can be high, so if you are going, book now or you will be snuggling with something unpleasant.

We hope next week is decent. If we’re on bring Kleenex.

We're on for Saturday and Other Stuff...

We’re on for Saturday! This could be it! The chances of rained out Saturdays are increasing so we may only get this shot some come out and give each other a hug goodbye or something. Just come out!

I’ve written about this topic before, but I can’t help but think about it as the season slowly comes to a close. I recently saw some photos posted on Facebook that showed friends who met at E@RTC together for a wedding. It made me think once again about all the friendships that began at E@RTC and how something as simple as cars gathering in a parking lot has changed the course of so many lives.

I have to admit, prior to starting E@RTC with Vic, I never thought much about community in this sense, of how we’re all better off for having one. I mostly thought about the life I could have had as a world class professional high diver, had I not loved pastries so much, combined with a shortage of deep pools.

Our success with E@RTC is because of all of you and the time you take to participate in such a great thing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a participant or spectator, you just showing up, makes it all a success. Your contribution to the community is significant, and you too helped improve other people’s lives. Thank you!

I wanted to start a car gathering because I saw this vibrant car community in Orange County, CA and there was nothing like it in the Seattle area. I kept my LP640 there for about seven months and in that time I met hundreds of car enthusiasts, all at various events, yet I didn’t know anyone in the car community in Seattle and yet it looked like fun.

I was reluctant to bring the car home because I was afraid there would be no real sense of community here and I’d get bored, or a left lane Prius driver would throw a full diaper at the car. Worse, a diaper from some old fat guy who’s mad because, well, he’s in a Prius.

It was’t long after Vic and I started E@RTC, that we realized that we were onto something much bigger than ourselves. People wanted to volunteer and participate and get involved and more than anything, it brought people together who go out of their way to help each other, both personally and professionally. After a while, it became less about the cars, for me and more about the sprit of the event, which is why I write this blog in the direction I do and why we’re so fussy about our mission.

Besides all this, who it is that wakes up in the morning and doesn’t want to have a good laugh? We’ve all woken up to something that more closely resembles a tarantula, but I’m not talking about that mistake we all make in life at one point or another. Since when does somberness make us want to participate in any car event? We wanted to have a good time and that still remains our core focal point in everything we do.

Our best memories of E@RTC aren’t just about the cool cars that showed up, but the laughs we had talking about our life experiences, good and bad and the sense of connection to something we all love. We connected with each other, bonded, and made some now life-long friends who will remain in our lives forever. Okay, unless some of you get drunk some night and end up in a fist fight out in a street.

This sense of community helping each other has been the best reward of them all for all of us who put in the hours to make this all work. That’s the one thing we want to preserve most and it’s our ongoing pledge to you to continue, until we’re kicked out or something, because we didn’t kick someone out of something.

See you Saturday!

It's Definitely Looking like Fall!

I’ll bet you can’t wait to rake! You get to bring out the leaf blower, the one garden tool that reminds you of your ex.

This is the time of year when our job calling it each Saturday gets a lot harder as the weather changes so fast. Right now it’s looking like we will be rained out next week, but like we said, they rarely get it right this far out. Counting this coming Saturday, that leaves just four possible Saturdays remaining in our season and chances are good that at least two of those four will be rained out, so come out while you can!

Oh, then you get to start Christmas shopping and stuff. I’ll bet you can’t wait for that. Redmond Town Center is a good place to shop because they at least have parking. Going to Bel-Square between November 1 and January 15 is complete hell as each driver waits for that spot that’s just one car width closer to the entrance. I’d rather have pink eye. I’ll find stuff at RTC and skip the whole mess. I don’t know about you, but I see someone with pink eye, my mind starts to race.

We’re going to start planning our 2020 calendar a lot sooner than we did this year and we’ll get it posted sooner too. We all get together in a room and start comparing calendars. It’s like a giant game of Fish. It’s kind of fun. We eat cookies. We waited a little too long at the beginning of this season and that kind of hurt us a little as we never got a date for Classics on the books. They had a lot going on and we ran into too many schedule conflicts. We didn’t know it would be so complicated pinning down dates.

Redmond Town Center also has a lot going on these days, so we have to coordinate with their fun-filled events too. Except for the running events. Why can’t they have a fat guy run for cake? A lot more of us would show up. So what if I show up last, I still get cake. Unless there isn’t enough, then someone won’t be happy.

By the way, we had an excellent season of cooperation with people via email. This was the best year yet, where people didn’t argue with us so much about their cars getting in. It made it a lot easier on the volunteers who are just trying to put on a good show. Sean did an outstanding job running the entrance all season. Please give him a huge thanks along with all the other volunteers who do such great things for the community. Let them know how much you appreciate them.

Hope to see you all next week, and we’ll post again on Thursday and let you know if we’re on or not. Start thinking of your excuses now for that first day of fall.

We are On for British Car Day!

Sorry it took us so long to post, but we wanted to make sure we had the best possible forecast for Saturday. We didn’t want to be wrong. Hey, who as a kid didn’t eat a Milk Dud, that wasn’t a Milk Dud? Some of us remember those things for life. So what if we’re a little cautious.

British Car Day one of our very favorite theme days and the last of the theme days for the season. It doesn’t mean we’re over. We still have a few weeks left in our season before we all go home and start thinking about winterizing something. It’s hard to believe that we’re this close to freezing temperatures and black ice surprises. Where did the summer go? I swear they put less summer in the bag every year.

If you own a car, they claimed came from another nation, still come out, for you, it’s business as usual. For those with British cars, you get to park near the center of the mall, but we get so many cars, that they wrap around Redmond Town Center, down the west side street, and into the main parking lot, so don’t be ashamed if your car isn’t British. You should only be ashamed if you think a Yaris is a thing of beauty.

We had a very big turnout two Saturdays ago and it was wonderful to see this late in the season, and we’re expecting the same thing on Saturday, even though we may see some clouds all morning. We’re all comfortable with clouds. That lightning last week was a little sketchy. I had two bolts hit so close to the house, I checked for damage the next morning. I was expecting to find some dude with his fly welded shut walking in circles. Luckily there was no report of anyone getting a surprise roasting.

I do see a lot of rain in the forecast beyond Saturday, so we won’t even know when our season will end. We’ve had seasons were we see nothing but rain in the forecast and just call it. Hopefully we will know when it’s our final Saturday so we can all say our proper goodbyes.

Meanwhile, we see you all Saturday and we look forward to it!

The British are coming!!!!

Saturday September 14 is British Car day, one of my personal favorites unless it rains. Then it’s not my favorite anymore. It’s not looking so good a week out, but they don’t usually get it right this far in advance. If they can’t predict a hurricane a few hours out, they definitely can’t tell us the weather at Redmond Town Center next Saturday. They didn’t even get it right today!

I’d love a job where I’d only have to be somewhat right about what I did. Think of the airplanes we could make that only fly about 60% of the time. Or, how about if Excel only got you close to the right answer. It’s as if you asked if two plus two equals four. The National Weather Service would say, well it all depends on what time you ask us and what we had for dinner last night. It’s four, give or take, but we’ll go have some beers and let you know.

You’d think with all the cool gear, they would know more than they do. They always blame the climate models. That’s like someone saying, well, the plane was supposed to fly, but our engineering models don’t always agree. We’re sorry, we’ll come help you fill that hole. Their excuse is that there are too many variables. Haven’t they ever dated a blonde?

British Car Day brings out the most polite people in the car community. These are all the people your mom wanted you to be more like when you were growing up. They are a classy bunch. We get a lot of Aston Martins and McLaren’s. Speaking of Aston Martin, if you’ve not met their Americas President, Laura Schwab, she’s a wonderful human and she thinks deeply about her brand. I like her a lot!

After next week, we only have a few Saturdays left before our season ends. This went fast! Did it seem like that to you? It did me.

Hey, if you like this blog and want to keep reading all winter, drop us a note, or hit the heart at the bottom. We never ask for likes, but we’d love to know what you think. If you want me to just shut the hell up for the winter, let me know that too.

We're on for Saturday...

You can do your happy dance now. We don’t want to see it, but you can do it.

We’re in the final countdown to the end of our season and so it’s important that you come out while you can. Rain is in the forecast for Saturday night, and who knows when it will stop. We’re at that time of year where we make that sudden change, then BAM it’s winter all over again and everyone gets bummed. This could be your last chance to tell big fibs about cars, or ask that special someone out for a drive.

We all love the fall, but it’s always difficult to say goodbye for the season. We wish we could do this year-around, but those winter mornings, even when it’s not raining are very miserable. That cold air goes right through you like you’re standing naked on the roof of your car while racing down the freeway. I can’t exactly say I’ve had that experience, but I can imagine what it would be like.

Don’t forget, Saturday night is the big Wheels and Heels Gala at America’s Car Museum so if you want to go with some E@RTCers, let us know, just write us here and we’ll get back to you on it, or contact them. It’s kind of a big deal and everyone always has a great time.

See you all on Saturday!

We're Waiting for a Weather Update...

It’s looking like we’re going to be on for Saturday, but we want to wait a bit to call it. It’s going to rain on Saturday, but it’s looking like it won’t start until that night… but they never get it exactly right until it’s within hours. We just follow what they report. We will post something either later today or first thing in the morning, but if I’m a betting man, I’d have all kinds of problems…never mind. Anyhow, just check back. We’re probably going to be fine. I’ll bet the guy who bought the first Yugo probably said the same thing.

We're rained out on our last day of August... I'm bummed.

We’re rained out for Saturday and it’s the last day in August and the holiday weekend so I was looking forward to tourists. We know these weekends matter, but we waited overnight to see if the chance of rain would change. It didn’t. Most of the reports agree on rain. They disagree on the time it will begin, so there was that. We’ll call it our micro tropical storm.

We also begin the countdown to the end of our season, which will be about six weeks away, give or take. We go until it looks like endless rain or we’re sick of each other’s jokes, which ever comes first. I’m betting on the jokes. We then all go hibernate for another winter, only to show up fatter the following spring while complaining about something that hurts somewhere. We never admit we’re fatter either, even though it’s obvious as hell. We’re all thinking you need to lay off the Jamba Juice. Yeah, we’re getting older and we’re dealing with that too. Kids who once showed up on beat-up BMX bikes are now rolling in with McLarens. Staying in school was a real thing.

This has been kind of an unusual summer don’t you think, or is it just me? It’s been a little cooler than usual, or so it seems. We now drift into those weeks where the choice is to either come to E@RTC or stay home and rake. They just repaved the street in front of my house which is on a hill, so this winter’s involuntary luge will be especially sporting. Gram-gram up the street should see much bigger air than usual. I’m looking forward to that event. Brakes do absolutely nothing when you lawn dart across an entire city block. She will majestically fly by like Eddie the Eagle on the big hill.

Don’t forget the Wheels and Heels Gala at America’s Car Museum next weekend. Write us if you want to be at and E@RTC table and have some fun. Our own Sir Mix-A-Lot will be the honorary Chairman of the event so come out and help preserve some cars.

Don’t forget we have our wonderful hotel neighbor and I’ve not written about the Archer Hotel in a while. If you’re coming to Redmond and you see this, go to our accommodations page and click the link for a discount. They have been great to us all season so please think of them when you’re in the area. We can’t forget Redmond Town Center for all their support all summer. Without them we’d be standing in some dirt somewhere wishing for a mall.

See you all next Saturday!

We had a fun Saturday... and what's up next...

Wow what a great turnout on Saturday! Everyone was extremely well behaved and a giant thanks to PACCAR for bringing out the giant W990s! They were a huge hit! We also saw lots of spectators and cars we’ve not seen before.

A big part of it was now everyone was back from Monterey with stories to tell of harrowing drives, nice resorts, great shows, dramatic auctions, while others not from here, who were not so well behaved told their moms at the bail hearing about the upset of getting hogtied and arrested, along with their cars impounded for, “just having fun.” Thankfully none related to anyone in Seattle. We hope they learn jail tunes. We’ll send them a harmonica.

We had a significant spectator turnout on Saturday and we’re expecting even more from out of town this weekend because, well it’s a holiday and the end of summer and kids return to school on Tuesday in some places. Parents rejoice everywhere. I remember when I was excited about returning to school until that first dump truck full of homework backed up to my desk, and I had to drag it all home.

We get a lot of people in town from other parts of the country who are here on vacation and after flying in, want to see cool cars, especially, after visiting the Space Needle, waterfront and market, decide they want to get away from Garbage City and all the other needles they saw.

It means a lot to these folk to see your cars, many seeing these models for the very first time, so please do us a favor and get the word out to bring out that rare stuff for them to enjoy. The weather soon starts to turn ugly, so who knows how many nice Saturdays are left. We have about seven possible nice Saturdays, but we never make it to all seven. The forecast after Saturday is showing increasing chance of rain, so this could be the last nice Saturday for a while.

I again want to thank our wonderful Parking Thugs for their dedication all summer. Be sure to thank them for all they do for us. Without the Thugs, we’d not have this wonderful event. We have some extraordinary volunteers! Thank you all!!!

Don’t forget the Wheels and Heels Gala is coming up so be sure to let us know if you’re interested in going as a part of an E@RTC table. Just write us on this website and we’ll get back to you right away.

I’ll write again on Thursday as usual.

We're on for Saturday and a lot of news... PACCAR for one...Monterey... Wheels and Heels...

Here goes! We’re on for Saturday and after two weeks off, we’re expecting a bigger than usual turnout. The weather is expected to be decent too! We love this time of year especially after Monterey… speaking of which…


It was a heck of a car week. Just about every car journalist born in the last hundred years was there to cover it, so you can look at any car site and read something about Car Week. If you’ve never been and want to go, start planning now. Quail is the hardest to attend so write them for tickets as it’s sold out in seconds. It was spectacular this year and truly a very special event where we saw cars that will be difficult to ever see again. Tickets to Quail extremely expensive so start e-baying your former significant other’s stuff right now.

You also can’t miss the Pebble Beach Concourse as the main event. You do those two things and you see the best of the best. Hotels are very expensive so reserve early, or start to hunt for that perfect cardboard box to tuck under a freeway somewhere. We see a lot of folk there from E@RTC and that always adds more fun to the week. We watch out for each other in case one of us has to arrange bail.

Monterey, like every car event, had a lot of problems with tuners along with bad behavior from a few exotics. The police had their handcuffs full and it takes just a few to ruin a good thing. Revving engines is annoying as crap to 99.7% of all humans and they have no idea how bad of an impression they make on not just themselves, but the very brands they drive. The Mustangs and Camaros were especially obnoxious and not welcome most places for that reason. The police were dying to tase the crap out of every one of them until they involuntary wet themselves. You can find lots of videos on YouTube.


We have PACCAR bringing two big massive Kenworth W990 trucks for you to ponder and crawl around on Saturday. It’s a great time to bring the kids to see these two beauties up close and personal. The cabs are roomy and comfortable and inviting for that big road trip. They are bigger than my first apartment where I could reach just about everything from the toilet. Think of all the cars you could haul with that beast. Give the term “crushed it” real meaning! Think of the ex-now-far-less-than-significant-other you could move in one shot!

Wheels and Heels Gala!

We’d like to put together a table of E@RTC-ers at the upcoming Wheels and Heels Gala at America’s Car Museum in Tacoma on Saturday, September 7. Write us at if you’re interested in being a part of our table. Also if you’re at E@RTC this Saturday, let one of us know you’d like to go. It should be a good time. Sir Mix-a-Lot will be there as the Honorary Chair of the Gala so lets all show him some big love! Kristen Wells will hopefully make it out to E@RTC before that event in a few weeks, so feel free to bug her about it too. She would love nothing more than to see E@RTC all scrubbed up and looking dapper.

The last two weeks flew by, but we’re now eager to get back into our usual pace. We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

A Few Worthwhile Things...

America’s Car Museum has their upcoming Wheels and Heels Annual Gala coming up on September 7 and we’d love to put together a table of E@RTC participants & spectators. Tickets for non-members are $275.00 and tickets for museum members are $250. If you’re interested in going and joining us at a table, please write us via our contact page. There are eight places per table and we can get more tables if you like. Write us if you’re interested. You can expect lots of laughs.

Well, it looks like even if we had E@RTC it would have rained this weekend anyway. A group of our volunteers are heading down to Monterey on Saturday, and another group is going to start the drive on Sunday. It’s always been a fun drive and I’m looking forward to it this year.

After the 24th, we have about eight more possible weeks of E@RTC, but the weather starts to turn on us so realistically, we have fewer than eight to go so when we resume on the 24th come out! Meet everyone, have some fun before you go hibernate all winter. Let us see you before you fatten up.

We're Off Until August 24!

As you read from our prior blog post, we’re off until August 24. Look at it this way, we get rained on and we’re forced into taking time off, sometimes weeks in a row and we all live through it. Just pretend it’s raining. It will be somewhere. Better yet, drag your butt down to Monterey for the week and have some fun! Bring a tent! Rooms are hard to get so pile four of your best friends in a room if it’s too expensive and you’re in to that kind of thing. Four fat guys snuggling like a package of hotdog buns.

We had an excellent turnout yesterday with lots of visitors from out of town who have heard of E@RTC before. It’s become a real thing around the world, thanks to all of you. We can’t emphasize this enough. None of this would be possible without all of your help and the incredible volunteers we have each weekend. They do amazing things for us! If people are into cars, chances are they know about the event, which is nice. It’s a heck of an honor for us and we never want to let you down.

We will have Kenworth coming out on the 24th and that will be cool. Every time I sit at the wheel of one of those rigs I dream of all the Prius I could crush in the left lane while sipping juice. That’s the video game I want someone to create. The only goal is to crush a left-lane Prius. We should crowd-fund that.

We will see you all in two weeks. We’ll post here before then, just to make you feel connected. The two weeks will fly by before you know it. We continue E@RTC until October sometime, depending on when we see that first long stretch of rain. Then everyone hibernates for the winter again.

See you all soon! Write us now and then. We love to get the mail.

We Will See You All Saturday...then we have two weeks off

Hi Everyone! Miss us writing? We were having some technical difficulties. For some reason, we could not get the log-in page to load. It didn’t matter what browser we used, so we’re late posting. They finally got it fixed. Yeah, we’re on for Saturday, but then we’re off for two weeks because Redmond Town Center needs their mall back for a day. We’ve been hogging it all summer. They have the big 5K Enforcer run around the mall. It’s like shopping, only a lot faster. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

My days running we’re about like most people. I’m out there running, and I’m running, and I’m running then one day, I thought to myself, this sucks, and I stopped. The end.

If they really wanted to make it exciting, they could start a new tradition and call it Running of the Cheetahs where they unleash a hungry pack and watch people run from the safety of the stores. We’re really see who’s the fastest. Let those Spaniards think we’re the crazy ones for once! You’d see some really fast runners for a change, and not those tubby guys who hit the nearest dumpster at the first sight of a bull coming their way. You know these runners would be flying by long before those cheetahs ever showed up.

Oh, then next week, on the 17th, we’re off too because we won’t have enough volunteers to help out because of car week in Monterey. They migrate south for that. If you need to see cars or you get that nervous tick above your left eye, you could come down and take in a few car shows. We return to our normal program the following week. If you’ve never come to Monterey, it’s a real thing to see.

We also have British Car Day coming up in September. We’re guessing we have about seven more decent Saturdays before we end our season when the rain starts. Still plenty of time to come out. But, do come out this Saturday while you can because a lot of people from out of town would love to see your ride and talk to you about your car. It means a lot to them.

See you all Saturday!

We are RAINED OUT... or so we think...

We never know if the weather folk will get it right. Here is how they score Saturday like Russian figure skate judges holding up white cards for the US team… gave Saturday a 40%, KING 5 10% so I’m guessing someone slipped them a few bucks. Weather Underground- 40%, KOMO 40%, KCPQ 40%, KIRO 0%…what the hell happened there? Either they will be gloating or someone got to them. And finally NOAA has Saturday at 40%. It could come down to just two people who everyone else follows for all we know. The good side of all this is that our volunteers get a badly-needed day off. Thanks for all they do for us!

We will be back next Saturday, assuming it doesn’t rain or snow or some other weird thing. It’s been a strange summer. Sort of like that date you had that seemed normal until they ate that one thing then things got a little weird. Don’t you ever wonder who ate the first oyster? Was it a bet for a beaver pelt or something?

Kenworth is planning to come out on August 10 we think. It all depends on the weather and the scheduling of that beast. It’s cool when they come out. It’s fun to get up in the cab of these things and look around and think about life on the open road, flattening rodents as you listen to country tunes.

Oh, don’t forget, we’re taking Saturday, August 17 off because of Monterey Car Week that ends that Sunday. Most of us will already be down there getting an overload of rare and special cars and possibly a little too much sun. For those of you who are pondering going down, get your butts in gear now or you’re sleeping in a dumpster somewhere like when you were in college. Different groups are driving down different days, some flying in, but most like to head down in their own rig of some kind. Check on Facebook if you’re looking to meet up with someone somewhere.

Hope to see you all next week…or the week after…

As for Saturday, July 20, YES!

This Saturday the weather folk are reporting a nice 78 degrees for a high and no rain. We may see some clouds in the morning but that’s not a big deal. You’ve woken up next to much worse.

It’s so hard to believe we’re in the second half of our season. I also think this is a new record for consecutive Saturdays without rain. What we’ve not had this season are those extremely warm mornings just yet, but we expect them to show up before the season ends.

We have Kenworth coming out soon. They are going to bring out the new massive W990. Sounds like a tax form, but I assure you, it’s not. It’s the latest creation from PACCAR and we love to help them any way we can. We’re proud of them building these things right in our back yard. Well, not exactly in our back yard. That would be a mess, but you know what we mean. You can come see these things and take a look inside. It won’t be this Saturday, but it’s coming up either next week, or the one after that, if Ms Nature decides to be be nice to us. You never know with her.

Thank you to all the participants who bring out their fabulous machines every Saturday. The spectators are grateful and let us know it. It means a lot to those people who never get to see exotic and rare cars up close. See you all Saturday!