Rained out again! Damn!

Yes, we’re rained out again. Not Carolinas-rained-out, but rained out. This leaves only about four or five possible Saturdays in our tenth season remaining. It also means a lot more people will show up next Saturday because we’ve been rained out two Saturdays in a row. Some of you can’t go that long without E@RTC and not get that nervous tick.

This Saturday was looking bad since last week and next Saturday is looking decent so far so we think if it holds up, it will bring out a lot of cars. You will want to be there for sure. Do the paperwork with your significant other right now so you’re free next weekend.

We’re already thinking about the opening day party for next season because it will be our ten year anniversary. It will probably be in the garage or something so it can be a rain or shine event. We’re still thinking about it.

We're Rained-Out for Saturday, but Before You Get Your Undies in a Bunch...

This was a tough call this morning. I'm sitting here in the Poodle Dog Cafe in Tacoma looking at all the weather forecasts, six different to be exact, and they average over 30% chance of rain. Yeah, we know some show only 20% chance of rain, but they have all be trending up every six hours. I even climbed the peak of Mt. Rainier in the middle of the night to consult with the shivering emaciated guru who wasn't wearing enough clothes and he told me to go away, he was concentrating, but I got the message. I could see my house from there.

It seems like if you call yourself the Poodle anything, it's kind of obvious you're talking about a dog isn't it? The sign said, "Good Food" so that was reason enough to stop here. I don't know of a poodle cow. Poodle is kind of a unique name to a dog and I don't need "dog" as a qualifier. I don't exactly get it, but okay. The food's not bad actually... so far. Ask me in a few hours. It's very clean, I will say that!

The good news is that tomorrow morning you get to stay in bed with that special someone. You can think back to that crustacean you once almost married, or did... or are.


We are on for Saturday and Other Stuff

Well the auction sure was fun. We got to see the back of Greg's head a lot, which wasn't going to auction. His car, in case you were stuck deep underground all week in a mine with nothing to eat but a Twinkie, did well. A few people were bidding it up while you were standing there in that cave with your mouth open trying to catch that drip from the ceiling, wondering what the final price was that night. The car sold for $48,405,000! 

Think about that for a moment. If he had that many Twinkies and put them end to end, that would stretch 2,979.4 miles, which in a straight line, would stretch from about Redmond Town Center to the Bahamas somewhere. It would be the dumbest thing to do with Twinkies ever, and it would take a very long time. Nobody would be impressed either. Some would even be mad about the line of Twinkies going through their yard.

We only have about six E@RTC Saturdays left so come on out! Don't miss this chance to see all the cool cars! This is your opportunity to make friends for the winter. Besides, you need someone to meet up with at Starbucks to hear you complain about getting fat, or how much you look forward to this winter and your promise to take up the luge. 

Next Saturday, the 8th, in case you're from Fresno, is Classic Car Day! We have the Classic Car Club coming out, and we will see lots of interesting rolling sheet metal as we did last year. The folks from America's Car Museum and Club Auto are also coming up from Tacoma with some stuff so you don't want to miss that Saturday either.

Greg did get some other cool stuff over the last few weeks so he will be bringing out some cars none of you have seen before. Fair warning!

By the way, did you know that people who make up stats are 50% more likely to be wrong?

Trust me, nobody from Fresno got that one.

See you all Saturday!

How To Watch The Auction Tonight Without Harming Yourself!

For those of you interested in watching the highest value car to ever go up for auction, and are in danger of wetting yourself with excitement, it will be live here at 5:30. On the page, off on the right side, you will see a link to watch live. For those of you who have Apple TV, we suggest using it as a separate display on the Apple Play tab on your browser's navigation. This way you can have the catalog open on one page and the auction on your Apple TV. How cool is that? This way you can personally fowl yourself from excitement in the privacy of your own home. For those of you on Windows machines, open two windows, sift one to a second monitor, or your TV if it has that feature. Greg's 250 GTO is #247 so it will take a while to get there. I'm guessing 90 minutes in, but don't bet on that.

Last night most of the cars were going for below the estimated range. Let's hope Greg's car is the big surprise of the night by going far above the expected range. We're cheering you on Greg!

We're off this Saturday, August 25!

I'm saying it again, we're off this Saturday, August 25. A lot of car people head down to Monterey for car week. Some of us, have to go auction off our $50 million dollar car. Others stay home and clean up the garage and put little screws in jars or calk the tub. Whatever.  For a few of us, we're going to get out and play and do something other than E@RTC on this Saturday morning. We will all be back next week, some with harrowing stories to tell about Monterey or their mom.

We see that we're about to come into a weather pattern of guessing what it's going to do once again. We can't wait for all that mail. This will be fun. We sometimes think they use a dartboard somewhere in the calculation. I picture a guy with piles of data screaming, "F***-IT!" and throwing a dart so he can go have lunch.

The folks at America's Car Museum will be joining us for upcoming Classic Car Day and more on that as we get closer. They have their big annual Gala that same night. You get to dust off that nice suit and go hang with some interesting people.

We don't yet have a link to RM's life auction or we'd put it here, but look around on YouTube at around 5:00 PM tonight and the same should be tomorrow night. Greg's car goes on the block tomorrow sometime after 5:30. Bidding will only last about five minutes. We don't expect a lot of yelling.



There is no E@RTC on the 25th! Read on...

We traditionally take the weekend of the Pebble Beach Classic off so that some of our volunteers can attend Monterey Car Week. We have a lot of people out as of Saturday and it gives our volunteers a badly needed weekend off while the weather is nice... but then again, it could be raining this coming Saturday anyway for all we know. It's too far off to tell, but either way, lets just called it rained out so those who are grumpy don't write us to complain. This also gives our volunteers the chance to catch up on their tweezing.

We still have people who use the old entrance so we're going to start sending you around the block. Do it twice and we're going to send you home to start all over again. You don't want Sean pinching your ear and telling you to knock it off either. So, be good and just go around the block like a decent human who has manners and stuff. We can tell the pros from the rookies from the entrance they use. Look like a pro. Make mom proud.

Oh, don't forget this coming Saturday is when Greg's 250 GTO goes up for auction in Monterey. The auction starts at 5:30 PM and we'll post where you can watch it online. We believe you can see it on YouTube live. We'll get the word out as soon as we know. If you know who will televise it, let us know. If you don't know, don't write us to tell us you don't know like you do about the weather sometimes. I've talked Greg into buying us all gum if it crosses $100 million.

See you all on September 1!


Put Off the Liposuction

We're expecting another great Saturday and it's the week before the big migration down to Monterey for Car Week. For many E@RTC is the gathering point before driving down. Some are then driving along the coast while others head inland into scorched earth and black lung and a chance to run for their lives from a fire. Such fun!

If you were thinking about liposuction, put that off until winter when there is nothing better to do.   Wait until it's dark and rainy out when nobody can see what you had done.

We still see new cars every week and it's always astonished us by how many cool cars are in this region. We have cars come from as far away as Montana to the east, and up from California and down from Canada. There are always surprises, even to us Parking Thugs who sometimes think we've seen just about everything. Once in a while we get someone from Fresno but they never have any idea where they are.

We also once again want to thank Redmond Town Center for putting up with us every Saturday. They are always wonderful in a wonderful sort of way. Thanks Jessica! We also want to thank our sponsors who ride along with us every season and also help get the cars out. And, we have to keep thanking our participants, spectators and our volunteers who all pitch in to make this a special thing every week. This is the very spirit of a real community event. It's the happiness the event brings to so many that has us doing it again and again.


We're Rained-out for Saturday! Time to Make a Casserole!

We'll, that time of year is on us when the weather begins to change... or so we think today. We're rained out for Saturday. For those of you new to E@RTC, we call it if the chance of rain is 30% or higher. It's higher. Nobody likes to stand in the rain, and regardless of what you read in the personals, nobody likes to walk in the rain either. Go try it and see who's there. Nobody! Those you see running have issues. Don't make eye contact.

They also predict scattered thunderstorms for Saturday. Getting struck by lightning isn't fun. It's a bit like getting tased except you smolder. It's not the lightning strike so much, it's everyone else laughing that's kind of hard to take, especially from the medics. Especially when it's the second time.

The good news is now you have time to make a casserole for someone. I remember that nasty tuna medley my gram-gram would make. I still remember it like it was yesterday or the day before. It wasn't yesterday. It was a long time ago and I still remember that God-awful smell as that bubbling blob of tuna and celery and potato chips came out of the oven. I was afraid to ever ask what was in it. Probably a lot of stuff on sale.

They serve casseroles at funerals because everyone is already upset and it's a chance to clean out the fridge. I see half the serving dishes empty and I'm reminded that people will eat just about anything. Someone could be gnawing on a chicken foot and I'm thinking, that's nothing, I survived a nasty tuna casserole once.

When was the last time you went into a nice restaurant and they said, "Tonight's casserole is..."? I remember that never happened. How hungry did you have to be to try someone's mystery casserole? Most people have to be fairly drunk or very desperate to borrow money from whoever made it.

We only have a possible ten remaining Saturdays until our season comes to an end. It's hard to believe how fast the season goes by before everyone goes off to hibernate for the winter, always to return fatter at E@RTC the next season. They always pretend like they look the same, but nope, all I see is how fat they look compared to the year before.

Last week's British Car Day was very fun and one of our bigger spectator car days of the season. People seemed to come from everywhere and we think it was a lot of vacationers from somewhere else, like Yelm. As usual, everyone was extremely nice. We always have that one or two who come in with some sense of entitlement, but overall, it was the usual great group and we love hosting them. I got to chat with a lot of regulars for once. It's always good to get the feedback.

As always, our volunteers are stupendous and we can't thank them enough. Many come from a long way away and do it every Saturday and without them, it would be impossible to hold the event. They give up a lot to make all this happen and we're thrilled to be working with such outstanding humans. They are the best! Please thank them next week when we're back to our normal routine. 

We will see you all on the 18th!



Tonight is Cars and Cigars Night at America's Car Museum!

We forgot to mention that Tonight, Saturday, August 4 to be very specific, is Cars and Cigars Night at America's Car Museum in Tacoma. I've heard that a lot of tickets have already been sold however there are a few remaining, so if you're looking for something to do tonight this might be it. You can change the oil on the mower tomorrow. This is a good time to sneak out of the house and go have some fun.

It also helps support the museum so it's also a win there too. This has become an extremely popular event and so it's well worth it to head on down for some fun! Say "hi" to everyone for us while you're there.

Saturday, August 4 is British Car Day! (But all Nationalities are Welcome)

Saturday is our annual British Car Day, which is one of my personal favorites. I love it because the people are so nice and there is a such a huge variety of cars that show up. We sometimes forget all the cool stuff that comes out of the UK. Okay, so they don't have enough dentists, but that's a different topic.

Tomorrow we're going to see the new Rolls Royce Cullinan for the first time! This is that giant beast of an SUV that's not only gorgeous, it goes through mud, snow, rocks and stuff, yet flattens rodents with precision, all while riding in pure luxury.

This will be a day of amazing cars, people, and a lot of fun! Don't miss it. No excuses.

It's Going To Be...

Another nice weekend! We don't get a lot of these in a year, so come out and enjoy while you can before the rains start up and you're all depressed and need pills.

Some of the cars that came out for Italian Car day were spectacular! What a great Saturday and once again, we can't thank the volunteers enough. They all do such an amazing job so give them a spontaneous yet completely unexpected hug when you see them. Make it memorable. They like that.

It's hard to believe that we're already past the midpoint of our season by two weeks. We have another few weeks of warm Saturday mornings then it starts to cool off a bit. We're going to keep running well into October, just as we do every year. This weekend is also the Auto Angels Car Show so after E@RTC, head over there for some continued fun and it's for a terrific cause. It only happens once a year and they do great work.

We noticed a decline in people asking if their cars meet the criteria. We hate it when they ask if their cars are "worthy" as it's not at all how we think. Most of us came from humble car ownership and know what it's like to love something just because it starts and I'm not talking about your significant other either. We're an event with a theme and we'd die off in short order if we didn't have one. We write and talk about it all the time, yet some still want to take shots at us.

We also want to remind you that we have that new spiffy entrance on 168th Avenue NE and Bear Creek Parkway. Those who use it, look like pros. Those who don't, look like well... so look like a pro and come in on 168th and talk to Sean who's basically our own sorting hat. Oh he may look meek and mild and all that stuff, but he knows his poop about cars so don't mess with him. He knows exactly how many Pintos were made so don't even try.

Once again, thank you all for the support and all the fun you bring to the event each week. That's what it's all about. You can deal with the IRS audits or the annoying plumber and other depressing stuff later, so come and have a good time! You won't regret it. Unless you're wearing an ankle monitor or something and got caught outside the house. Then you're kind of screwed.

Saturday Is Italian Car Day So Grab a Cannoli and Come On Out!

This Saturday is Italian Car Day, one of our biggest days of the season! We will have lots of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, other cars with a disproportionate number of vowels in their names. No seriously, this is our biggest day all season next to opening day. Other brands are still welcome as usual. (It's just a theme, not an ordinance.) Oh, wear Italian shoes if you have them. It helps set the mood.

The weather is expected to be beautiful that day and we're expecting our biggest turnout of the season so this is one you don't want to miss, unless you're getting married, divorced, or are stuck in a hospital with tubes from falling off a roof or something, then just stay right where you are. Poor fella. The point is, come early!

Italian clothes are designed for men who can hide behind rope. That's none of us, in case you didn't notice, so you won't see us in the latest Italian fashion. For you men who want to buy Italian stuff, pick a size then go up about four Xs, and that's about right. For our really big guys, we have to go right to a size T for tent. In Italy it's Paul & Shark, here it's Paul & Whale. In this US, XXXX would be about a medium. I don't know how Italian men can remain that thin no matter what. Us normal folk just read a pasta box at a store and walk out fatter. Aw-jeeze, I just looked at the on-line Paul & Shark Catalog. I have fishing line thicker than those guys.

We had to say no to the 160' Benetti in Mill Creek because the water level is a little low this summer. Sorry everyone. We know you had your heart set on that one. Still, it's going to be a wonderful day of exciting cars, joy and laughter. See you Saturday!


It's Going To Be A Nice Saturday! No, Really!

For those of you who are new to E@RTC, or new to Redmond, or new to Washington, or new to the USA or even planet Earth, this is now officially summer in the Northwest. It lasts from now until late September...then there is that one day in October, when it's over like someone flipped a switch. That's when we stop and besides we're all sick of each other and want to go work on getting a little fatter all winter.

This Saturday is when it's warm enough for all those cars without a top or heat of any kind can come out to play without the owners showing up with chattering teeth. This means we see a lot of beautiful Shelby Cobras and other stuff like that. We do get a lot of tourists from all over the world who show up so it's a good place to practice your Swahili or Moldavian, even if it's just the accent. It's fun to see so many come out from so far away. Some might be fresh out of school, or prison. We don't judge.

We get more email than ever before and lately much of it has to do with people who want to set up booths to sell or promote something. The frequency of the request just keeps growing and it's to sell everything from grandma's chainsaw art, to insurance and everything in between. It's almost always no. The reason I say, "almost" is because we do allow some non-profit car-related entities, such as America's Car Museum, or the Ferrari Club to set up a membership table. We are there to promote all things rare and exotic but if we got into real commercialization of our event it would be a lot less fun. We want E@RTC to feel like a backyard BBQ without the BBQ rather than a Chamber of Commerce trade fair. We get a million requests from charities who want your money and a kidney but we know you're already doing a lot.

We're also still getting a lot of requests to lower the bar on what gets in. We're just not going to to do that. We only have so much space and we're wanting to keep true to your expectations for a great show.

Please come out and enjoy the beautiful warm, warm, warm, Saturday morning. We only get a few of these so don't blow it sleeping in, or doing something in your basement you could have done last winter.


Hope You Had a Wonderful 4th of July!

There are always fewer fingers on the 5th of July than the morning of the 4th. It's just a little factoid from us to you. If you're in that group, we're deeply sorry about your loss. Next time, don't wait so long to throw. Makes all those piano lessons kind of a waste of time.

This is now the official beginning of summer around here so we don't expect to get rained out until sometime around the end of September, right around the time we all start to get sick of each other and have heard the same story over and over again. You never know actually, but from here on in, it will be about twelve weeks of OMG it's hot out! We see some of the best cars from here on in as they get ready to head to Monterey during the second week in August.

We have more national press planning to come visit us and we never know when they are going to show up, so come out and be nice. You never know if the person next to you is someone important or an escaped felon...or both now that I think about it.

We get a lot of tourists this weekend too. They write to ask how often we have our weekly event. I tell them it's weekly and they ask, well which week. I don't know what to say. I tell them it's in the one they are in right now. I know, it's surprising how many people make it up from Fresno.

Come on out this Saturday! Rake on Sunday instead.


Are We On Or Are We Off Or Are We On Or Are We Off????

As of Thursday early afternoon as I write this, I still don't know the answer. The most reliable source we use, Weather Underground, (not actually underground) says it will rain, but what do they really know? They only have degrees in this stuff plus all the fun gear. I wonder how they do with the ponies?

BTW, have you noticed? Greg's 250 GTO is just about everywhere in the news. Greg hasn't gone into hiding yet and will still be attending E@RTC. The car? Who knows. Would be nice to see it on last time. It will be missed. Again, if it hits $100 million, gum for everyone!

Well, it looks like we're (I'll fill in something here as soon as I know) rained out for Saturday. It will be a good day to scrub the cat box, tweeze, or test fireworks on a friend. They will get over their anger eventually.

Speaking of 4th of July and fireworks, when I was a kid if it broke we went to some open field and blew it up. That was our fireworks. There was none of this permit stuff. It was all legal back then. You could walk into any hobby shop and buy everything you needed to put an entire town to sleep. Everyone's grandmother had dynamite laying around somewhere as it saved time digging. You can't do that anymore. About the only thing we couldn't buy as a kid was a nuclear warhead.

Now fireworks are timed to great music. Boom just isn't good enough. Now it's the sound track from Michael Jackson on Ice blaring over your radio.

Because we're rained out, expect next Saturday to be very busy. We get frantic fun weekends around the 4th. This would normally be the busier of the two weekends, but you never know.

 We noticed the huge number of spectators that are showing up this season and we thank you all for coming out. That helps draw the cool cars.

Auto Angels is going to have their big show on July 28. It's a worthwhile event and a lot of cars from E@RTC will be heading over there after the show. More talk about it will follow in the coming weeks. Here is a link for all the details. "LINK"


Sorry for the rain out. We know someone will get their undies in a wad over this, but we have a lot of interests to balance. Sleep it off, you will feel better.

Breaking News!

I never understood the concept of "breaking" news. What's it "breaking" exactly? I've seen this for years, "Breaking news!" and everything in my house is just fine. So, if I just broke something, I'm sorry. Hope it wasn't expensive. Speaking of expensive... HERE IS BREAKING NEWS!

The big news is that one of the best friends we have at E@RTC, and someone who's been a terrific supporter of all things E@RTC is sending his magnificent Ferrari 250 GTO off to Monterey for auction. Rebecca Lindland was just here writing the story and you can find it here. No really, here. Most of you have seen the car on Ferrari Day and now get to see what happens in Monterey.

Greg said that if the car sells for $100 million he's buying all of us gum. If it sells for less, we all have to share.

Rebecca Lindland was busy working on the story prior to coming to E@RTC and she worked tirelessly on it right up until it had to be submitted. She works her ass off and spent a lot of time getting every little detail exactly right. It's what great journalists do. She's well worth following. Not in the stalker sense, like don't go to her house or anything and drool on a window, but you know what I mean. Follow her online as there are not enough writers like her.

Thank you Rebecca for taking the time to come see us and writing such a great story. By the way, some of you only scared her a little, nothing a little therapy won't cure, or some pills.


The amount of email we get grows every week. Most of it has to do with car qualifications for E@RTC. It helps us a lot if you check our website first, then contact us if it's not clear. We will always answer every email, but sometimes we fall behind because of the volume, and often we're dividing and sending it out for a handful of volunteers to answer. It's a lot of email. It's not actually a handful. None of us are that small. One volunteer is more than a handful. Be patient, we will answer your email, and if we don't get back to you, then yell at us.


We're coming up on the longest day of the year. Imagine the beach burn you can work up on that day alone. Just think, Florida-quality beach jerky in just one day! Safety tip for the day, shed the rust, but don't combust!

We Have a Visitor!

Rebecca Lindland is visiting us from New York. Rebecca is with Kelly Bluebook and writes stories about all things automotive. She's here working on an important story that we can't talk about and wanted to come out to E@RTC and see you all in person. Rebecca is a real car girl and knows her stuff! Quiz her!

Rebecca's work appears in some of the most important business and automotive publications, including Forbes, Fortune, and others. This is the time to use one of your precious yard passes to come out and play.

The weather is looking great for Saturday so there are no excuses. Come out and have some fun. You can go back to bed later.

We're Rained Out for Saturday, June 9

Well, it was going to happen sooner or later. We're rained out for Saturday and we got lucky because it's not on German Car Day! So, stay in your jammies, watch a good movie or something or just snuggle with your dog, or sloth if you're into that kind of thing. Have you ever tried to walk a sloth? They are damn slow so don't think you will get much exercise. A walk around the block will take a week. It makes no difference how big your banana is either.

Even though we had a rainy first month, we've had a good run through May and into the first week in June. Summer around here doesn't usually start until the second week in July, so we're still ahead of the game. 

By the way, the "BMW Heroes of Bavaria" exhibit at the ACM museum in Tacoma is getting extremely good reviews so there is something you can do on a rainy Saturday morning. Way better than snaking a drain, or visiting a relative you don't like.

I also like the cafe in the museum. It's far better than usual prison-quality museum food you find at other places. It's good enough to be its own destination! Seriously, I'm not kidding. The cafe is that good! No, seriously!

You could also do some actual shopping at Redmond Town Center. Go buy some hardware or a mattress pad, take in a movie or buy some soap and a guitar while you're at it. Hot yoga!

We will see you all again next week, again, assuming it's not raining again.


Saturday Is German Car Day! Grab the Lederhosen and Something With Ruffles!

This Saturday is German Car Day! (Not everywhere, just at E@RTC.) Other exotic and rare cars are still welcome, it's just that we showcase those cars made in the land of beer, brats, accordions and bouncy music. In heaven they hand out harps, in hell it's accordions... and bagpipes when they run out. If you're really bad you get a didgeridoo or maybe toe symbols. I don't know really.

We're expecting a very large turnout so those of you showing cars need to study our new entrance very carefully and get there early. This means you. Yeah, you. I'm looking right at you so don't show up late and expect to get in. You won't. Even if you try and shove a few bucks our way or temp us with food. The new entrances has worked out extremely well so far this season and so we like to keep doing what works. Doing what doesn't work is called General Motors.

I don't want to have to remind a few people that show up with attitude, that we don't put up with much. No, seriously. We're here to have a good time and not deal with over-inflated egos, so please put those away until you're well outside Redmond city limits. We don't want to have to call your mother.

It's looking like the weather will be decent too, so it should be a wonderful day, assuming a few don't try and spoil it for everyone. Do you notice a theme here? It goes without saying that for those who behaved badly in the past, you're our guests and therefor we ask that you follow our direction for the most fun possible. We do this every Saturday so we have this kind of down.

We will always do our best to make everyone happy, except for those who try and ruin it, and you don't want to be sent directly to lot 9. Just getting to lot 9 will take up most of your day. It's a nice drive, but you'd be the only one showing and you'd have to deal with the weird guy who always wants to snuggle. Don't force us to send you to lot 9.

For the rest of you, thank you for all your support year after year. We'd all be a Turkish prison fighting over a ham sandwich without you.

See you all on Saturday!